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Introducing Qualitest's Plastic Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine

A Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine is used for cutting and chamfering large diameter plastic and PVC pipes by pipe manufacturers, quality inspectors and research institutions. A pipe is clasped into position with a pneumatic clamp. Once the clamp is secure, the motor will start automatically with cutting and chamfering done synchronously. Chamfering is when the end of the pipe is cut to form a bevel in order to facilitate joints. The blade stops automatically again on release of the compaction. Qualitest supplies a highly advanced Pipe Cutting and Chamfering Machine, which is primarily used on large plastic and PVC piping.

The Qualitest Cutting and Chamfering Machine is fully equipped with a high level of accuracy and precision. Some of the main features of the equipment are the modular design with a highly rigid mainframe. The pneumatic clamping system is sophisticated and designed with safety in mind and the electronic soft-start function ensures a smooth startup without overloading the power supply system. Qualitest’s machine is very easy to use, highly automated and has extensive safety features.

Qualitest’s Cutting and Chamfering Machine is used in two main applications. The first is the cutting and chamfering of plastic and PVC piping for manufacturers preparing piping for installation. The second application is the research and quality testing in order to investigate the quality of the piping and its suitability for use.

Qualitest’s Cutting and Chamfering Machine is the ideal equipment for cutting and chamfering plastic and PVC piping using precise, state of the art technology.