Oxygen Nitrogen Analyzer - QualiONA-3000


ONA-3000 Series Oxygen/Nitrogen Analyzer is a new product, and it is used for oxygen, nitrogen determination in ferrous and non-ferrous metals, rare earth materials, alloy, and some other inorganic materials.

Technical features:

  • Range: O: Low Oxygen: 0.0001% - 0.1%;High Oxygen: - 1%                  
  • N: Low Nitrogen: 0.0001% - 2%;
  • Sensitivity: O: 0.1μg/g; N: 0.1μg/g; 
  • Repeatability: O: 2μg/g or 2%; N: 2μg/g or 2%; 
  • Sample mass:1g (Sample mass can be changed according to the content)
  • Analysis time: about 3 min
  • Carrier gas: High purity helium for O/N
  • Pneumatic gas: Nitrogen or compressed air
  • Structure: Modular Structure, including analyzer, computer, electronic balance*, printer*, water circulate chillers*.
    • Note: * is optional.
  • Detection system: Solid state Infrared detector is used for Oxygen. Thermo-conductivity detector is used for Nitrogen.
  • Infrared Cells: Two IR cells are installed in the analyzer. The length of each cell can be customized according to the content of samples
  • Detector: Solid-state pyroelectric detector made in Germany
  • Motor: Synchronous motor made in Swiss
  • Source: Anti-oxide, stable IR emitter made in US
  • Temperature control: Keep constant temperature in the whole infrared unit to make sure the temperature of detected gas to be stable and the results to be accurate
  • Protecting gas: Infrared emitter and the detector are separated from the ambient by nitrogen, which can improve the stability and the accuracy
  • Thermo-conductivity (TCD) detecting unit: Anti-oxide NTC thermistor
  • Signal processing: Small current control technique is developed to make sure the thermistors can be used without carrier gas
  • Reference gas circuit: Low flow control technique is used
  • Gas flow control: High sensitive and accurate electric flow control technique based on the low pressure difference is applied and Anti-Overshoot System is applied;
  • Pulse heating electrode furnace: Power: Max.8KVA, Temperature: Max.3000°C.
  • Calibration: 1) Fast calibration 2) Normal calibration
  • Power: 220VAC 10%, 50/60Hz, current max. 50A (Max.10KW).

Parameters configuration

  • Parameters of outgassing, analyzing, flux etc can be setup according to the sample characteristic.
  • Analyzing method with parameters and calibration curve can be established separately according to different samples and can be stored into the database.

Diagnostic function

  • Cooling water temperature feedback and display
  • Voltage and current of the furnace feedback and display
  • Catalyst heaters temperature feedback and display
  • Valves action feedback and display
  • IR baseline and TCD baseline adjustment and display
  • Furnace adjustment


  • Analyzing results can be display quickly;
  • Data can be stored into the disk automatically after analyzing;
  • Releasing plot is drawn dynamically;
  • Sample mass can be transfer from balance into computer automatically;
  • Analyzing results are calculated by the calibration curve either in high content channel or in low content channel according to sample content, the selection will be done by software automatically;

Data processing

  • ACCESS is used as database to manage and store the data.
  • Inquiring, statistic, printing can be done.
  • Data can be sorted by date or name.
  • Releasing plots can be analyzed.

Instrument configuration

  • Computer: ADLINK industrial controlling computer (CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo Processor E4500, 2.2 GHz, x64;RAM:2GB;Hard disk drive: 500GB, SATA;DVDROM:16X DVD; Monitor:19-inch Wide TFT LCD.)
  • Electronic balance: Sartorius BSA124S;
  • Printer: Canon laser printer;
  • Water circulated chillers: independent development.

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