Oxygen Permeability Tester - QT-OPT-201
QT-OPT-201 Working Principle

Oxygen Permeability Tester - QT-OPT-201 

ASTM D3985, ASTM F2622, ASTM F1307, ASTM F1927, ISO 15105-2, DIN 53380-3, JIS K7126-B

Oxygen Permeability Tester - QT-OPT-201 is ideal for industrial application laboratory testing of material for Oxygen permeability testing for quality control, research and development on plastic, metal, paper and rubber materials that are generally used as packaging materials for storage, preservation or transportation of perishable and oxidizable materials.

It can also be used for research laboratories to evaluate and define permeability behaviour of material.

The built in software performs complicated data analysis and displays the relations in the form of graphs and data tables which significantly reduces the time to determine the permeability rate and relations between different output parameters of a variety of test subjects.

It is fully equipped with reliability, speed, versatility and accuracy required for Quality Control testing and laboratory application.


Film Testing

  • This instrument can be used to determine oxygen permeability of films used for packaging in food and pharmaceutical industries.
  • To test plastic films, plastic composite films, paper-plastic composite films;
  • Aluminized films, aluminum foil, aluminum composite films

Packages Testing

  • Including plastics, rubber, paper, paper-plastic composite, glass, and metal packages;
  • Plastic bottles, oil packages, Tetra Pak materials, vacuum bags, plastic packages for cosmetic, soft tube, etc.
  • Testing of various sorts of engineering plastics, and building materials, e.g. PP, PVC and PVDC


  • Program controlled testing for easy control of test parameters to get accurate test results;
  • It records the curves of the permeation rate, oxygen concentration, humidity and temperature with real time display to monitor the mutual influence between the parameters;
  • Leakage auto protection function and auto stop feature
  • Temperature control by advanced electromagnetic technology with precision of 0.1℃;
  • Controlled rising and lowering of temperature;
  • Auto humidity control to adopt large test area with high accuracy;
  • Equipped with functions of double cavity pressure control and automatic pressure balance;
  • Easy to operate and simplified access to test data for analysis;
  • Easy specimen placement;
  • Dual chamber integrated design to test two samples simultaneously;
  • Two calibration methods: standard gas calibration and standard film calibration;
  • Can test the permeability of material at different temperature and pressure to define the material properties;

Working Principle

The specimen is mounted as a sealed semi-barrier between two chambers at ambient atmospheric pressure. One chamber is slowly purged by a stream of nitrogen act as a carrier gas and the other chamber is filled with oxygen at controlled pressure.

As oxygen gas permeates through the film into the nitrogen carrier gas, which is then passed through high precision coulometric detector where it allow an electrical current pass through detector, the magnitude of which is proportional to the amount of oxygen molecule flowing into the detector per unit time. Thus the permeation rate can be measured with very high accuracy

The state of the art automation technology delivers accurate performance with faster and real time test results. Its user friendly interface lets the new user adapt to the device faster.

Technical Specifications

Test range

0.02~16,500 cm3/m2 per day (with the large test chamber, the max. testing range can reach 260,000 cm3/m2 per day)

Test accuracy

0.05 cm3/m2 per day

Temperature control range

15 °C ~ 45 °C

Temperature accuracy

±0.1 °C

Specimen size

Ø100 mm


0.1 ~ 0.2 MPa

Test area

50.24 cm2

Number of Test Chambers

2 Chambers (with independent sensors)

Inlet size

1/8” metal pipe

Testing environment

Ambient temperature (Standard conditions 23 °C)


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