Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series
Furniture Drop Tester – FDT-7003

Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series

The Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series simulates the drop/fall of the packaged finished products to evaluate their damages. All the rhombohedrons, angles and faces of the package container can be tested. so that the manufacturer can know how to take measures effectively to protect Its products against damage during transportation. During dropping, the carrier will rotate to allow the packed products to fall can test the faces, edges and corners of the product, with small vibration, and stable and reliable operation.

Specifications of the Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series
High Range200~1500 mm, 400 ~ 1650mm (Optional)
Test Space (D x W x H)(8.7” ~ 42.5”) x (0 ~ 30”) x (7.9” ~ 59”)
(8.7” ~ 42.5”) x 30” x (15.8” ~ 65”) (optional)
Acceptable Specimen WeightApprox. 132lb (60kg)
Motor1/4HP, width adjustment 60W
Dimension-main unit152.8” x 74.8” x 85.8” (134 × 190 × 218cm)
Dimension-Control box12.6” x 13.8” x 44.1” (32 × 35 × 112cm)
Weight1477 lbs (670kg)
Power1 Phase, AC 220V, 3A


Furniture Drop Tester – FDT-7003

Larger Capacity Drop Tester for Furniture, Appliances and other Large Items

The Furniture Drop Tester – FDT-7003 is a larger capacity drop tester for furniture, appliances and other large Items. It simulates the drop/fall of the large-size furniture or appliance to evaluate their structure strength and or their damages. So as to evaluate the capability of the package to protect its contents. The specimen is raised to a specified height and then drops freely to impact the workbench. The base of the workbench is made of an impact resistant material, which is hard to be deformed during impacting.

Specifications of the Furniture Drop Tester – FDT-7003
Height range200 ~ 1500 mm
Acceptable specimen weight331 lb (150kg) approx.
MotorHeight adjustment 1/3HP, Width adjustment 1/4HP
Dimension-main unit (D X W X H)65” x 132” x 98.4” (165 × 335 × 250cm)
Dimension-Control box (D X W X H)15.8” x 21.7” x 53.2” (40 × 55 × 135cm)
Weight5510 lb (2500kg) approx.
Power3 Phase, AC 380V, 7A, 50/60 Hz


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