Q1000 Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machine - Universal Tensile Tester - Qualitest offers the most competitive line of Universal Testing Machine range in the industry.

Ink Rub Tester - RT-01

The rub tester is designed and manufactured according to ASTM D 5264. It is applicable in abrasion resistance testing of printed materials like labels, folding cartons, corrugated boxes, inserts, circulars, and other packaging materials having applied graphics on a flat substrate.

Coefficient of Friction Tester - FX-7000

Our line of Coefficient of Friction Test instruments, can be configured to suit your individual needs for economical, quality control testing of Friction properties of paper and / or film products.

Digital Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester

Elmendorf Tearing Tester. to determine the ballistic tearing strength of textiles, paper or board. Range from 8,000 to 64,000 Millinewtons with suitable pendulum.

Off-Line Film and Paper Thickness Gauges

Economical, Accurate, Easy-to-Operate, our line of off-line paper / film thickness gauges are manufactured to meet TAPPI specifications for paper or ASTM specifications for film.

QT7005-T - Environmental Test Chamber

Qualitest Environmental Test Chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature or temperature and humidity conditions.

Frazier Low Differential Pressure Air Permeability Tester

The Low Pressure Air Permeability Machine was developed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology of measuring the air permeability of textile type materials.

Circular Sample Cutter

Our fiber cutters use a drawing action to cut accurate circular samples with smooth edges. Even difficult materials such as fine knits, thin films, tissue paper, corrugated cardboard and synthetic leather can be cut conveniently.

Box Compression Tester - XYD - 15K

These advanced Box Compression Testers are PC-controlled systems primarily used in the packaging industry for determination of the compression strength of cartons, containers, cardboard boxes, etc.

Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series

The Package Drop Tester - PDT-II Series simulates the drop/fall of the packaged finished products to evaluate their damages.

Automatic Bursting Strength Tester

This type of Digital Bursting Strength tester is able to test bursting resistance of the specimen automatically.

Ring Crush Tester - RCT Test - Type A

This tester is used for testing the ring crush strength of the paperboard. With the proper accessories (optional), it’s also available to test the column compress and adhesion strength of the corrugated board.

MIT Flex Tester – MIT Folding Endurance Tester

The MIT Folding Endurance Tester is used for determining the folding endurance strength of paper and paperboard using hang type weight method.

Puncture Tester

Puncture Tester measures the energy required to puncture container board or corrugated board with a pyramidal point affixed to a pendulum arm.

Water Absorption Tester - COBB Tester

The Water Absorption Tester - COBB Tester is used for determining the water absorption of paper.

Scott Internal Bond Impact Tester

Scott Internal Bond Impact Tester is used to test the energy absorption as well as the peeling strength of the card boards impacted by the specified load at a certain angle.

Paper Die Cutter

The Paper Die Cutter is used for preparing the standard specimens for ring crush test, tensile test or others. The precise cutting mechanism with a sharp blade is helpful to make your specimen easily.

Pusey & Jones Hardness Tester

Our top quality Pusey & Jones hardness tester (Plastometer) serves for determination of the penetration depth on rubber and elastomer materials e.g. rubber rollers and standard blocks made of rubber with a minimum thickness of 13 mm as well as paper rollers.

Disk Stripping Tester - BLJ-02

The Disk Stripping Tester is professionally applicable to the ink fastness test of plastic films and glass paper decorating printed materials that utilize the intaglio printing technique.

Strip Sample Cutter

The Strip Sample Cutter DT1010 is a dual-blade sample cutter designed for laboratory and plant floor use. It features high-quality hardened ground steel blades and a heavy-duty base.

Single Angle Gloss Meters - Micro-Gloss

The Micro-Gloss Meter has been the unsurpassed industry standard in gloss measurement for many years. It is the only glossmeter combining highest accuracy, ease-of-use and multiple functionality – essential for today`s testing requirements.

Grip & Fixtures

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced test fixtures and grips, accessories, and adapters for Universal Testing Machines, and Tensile / Compression Testers.

Rotary Abrasion Tester

Rotary Abrasion Tester is a cost-effective and high quality instrument used to determine the abrasion for rubber, leather, plastics, fabrics, paper, paint, plywood, tiles, glass, etc.

Micro-Gloss Glossmeters

A glossmeter measures the specular reflection. The light intensity is registered over a small range of the reflection angle. Our comprehensive range of competitive and reasonably priced gloss meters include economical models as well as advanced versions measuring single angles or TRI angles.