Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

Available in 300J, 500J, and 750J capacities

Qualitest offers Charpy / Izod Impact Testers with capacities up to 750J meeting and exceeding ASTM E23, ISO, DIN, JIS, standard requirements. The key benefits of this line of top technology models are price competitiveness, extremely high precision and durability, automatic motorized lifting of the pendulum hammer to optimize cycle times, flexibility, efficiency for low/high temperature testing, and much more. Optionally we offer temperature chambers, automated sample handling, centering device, Charpy sample preparation and broaching machines for preparation of notched bar specimens.

Main Features:

  • The lifting of the hammer is performed by a motorized system, for automatically resetting of the instrument after each test
  • Specimen loading is done via a special device which automatically centers the specimen on the supports
  • The digital console is complete with backlight LCD display and keyboard with tactile membrane
  • The control unit allows selection of each test type, with the corresponding reference standard. The results can be displayed in sequence on the display and stored in the memory
  • The results can be printed or handled by a dedicated software installed on PC.
  • The knife can be equipped with instruments for dynamic analysis of the absorbed energy during the specimen impact
  • This advanced system fully meets the requirements of ASTM E-23 and EN 10045/1 standards, with outstanding quality and user-friendliness

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Available Products

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine - Quali-Impact

Pendulum Impact Testing Machine QT-PIT is one of its kind of state of art Charpy Impact Testers for Metals build of integrated mainframe and base design, symmetric pillars, and beam supported pendulum shaft.

Fracture Image Analyzer - QualiDFIA

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Fracture Image Analyzers for dynamic fracture tests.

Charpy Specimen Machine – CNM

Impact Test Sample Preparation - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced sample preparation equipment such as Charpy/ Izod Impact Specimen Broaching machines and notchers as well as impact sample machines which produce square Charpy test specimens from rough cut samples.

Percent Shear / Lateral Expansion / Charpy Dimension Verification System - QPM 7000 Series

The Percent Shear / Lateral Expansion / Charpy Dimension Verification System - QPM 7000 Series dimension verification system allows the user to comply with the current ASTM E 23 methods for measuring percent shear fracture area.