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Pilling Tester

The QC-325 Pilling Tester is designed to test the pilling (hair ball) characteristic of fabric and knit fabric cloths. Simulating the condition of when weaving materials are worn, it will have the appearance of lint. After rolling the specimen around a rubber tube and turning in a winding box for a period of time, it is then compared to a standard picture to determine its grade. Test results are usually determined after comparing with standard pictures, the average of four tests per specimen.

Specifications of Pilling Tester
Box Quantity Type A: 2 box/ Type B: 4 boxes
Internal dimensions23 x 23 x 23 cm
Testing speed60 rpm
Specimen size10 cm x 12 cm
Rubber tubeDiameter: Ø31 x 150 mm
 Thickness: 3 mm
 Weight: 50 ± 2g
 Hardness: 42 ± 5 degree , 4 tubes per box
Dimension80 x 50 x 60 cm
Weight60 kg


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