Plate Bearing Test - Swiss Method

The Plate Bearing Test - Swiss Method determines the bearing capacity of the soil under field loading conditions. The relatively lightweight and small dimensions of the apparatus make it very easy to use and to move from one place to the other. The measuring bridge made from aluminum alloy, is very light and has telescopic extensions so it can be positioned in a few minutes with minimum effort. The remote load control and gauge is mounted on the pump for recording the load so that they don't have to be near the platen. The deformations are measured with three dial indicators so it is possible to verify the uniformity of deformation in 360° angles.

The complete apparatus includes:

  • Aluminum alloy measuring bridge
  • 300 mm diameter loading plate
  • 100 or 200 kN capacity hydraulic ram
  • Set of adjustable extensions for above
  • Precision gauge
  • Hand pump with connecting hose
  • Dial indicators 30 x 0.01 mm
  • Wooden carrying cases
Technical Specifications of the Plate Bearing Test - Swiss Method
  Model 35-T0121 Model 35-T0121/B
Loading ram kN 100 200
Gauge Dia mm 150 200
Gauge range MN/m2 0-0.8 0-3.3
Dial indicator 30x0.01mm 3 3
Load plate 300 300
Carrying case dimensions mm 1080x360x200;920x360x200 1080x360x200;990x360x250
Total weight approx (kg) 68 85
Shipping Dimensions 1130x430x700 1130x430x700
Shipping Weight (kg) 70 90


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