Portable Digital Microscope
Portable Digital Microscope
Portable Digital Microscope Features
Portable Digital Microscope Features
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Portable Digital Microscope DG-3

The World's Finest Portable Digital Microscope with 2,300,000 Pixels

The new DG-3 portable digital microscope, features a large 3.5 in. LCD, calibratible measurement bars, image preview mode which saves disk space, and 2x button to insure a good focus.

The 3.5 inch LCD makes viewing much easier, measurement (micron) bars can be calibrated for each lens and imbedded in the image, the preview mode allows the viewer to discard images before they are burned to the removable CF memory card, and its new 2x button allows for immediate digital magnification of the image. The DG-3 has optional lenses from 25x to 1000x. The premier lens would be the 25x to 200x parfocal zoom lens which makes it easy to magnify the exact item you would like to view in a broad range of magnifications.

The DG-3 is the third in the line of the world's first portable digital microscopes. Surfaces are magnified with its LED illuminated lenses (from 25x to 1000x) and then imaged by its 2.3 million-pixel CCD sensor. NASA, Boeing, the United Space Alliance, Florida Power & Light, and some major automakers are using DG units. An engineer with Boeing at Kennedy Space Center reported to us that they are now using the previous version DG-2A in close handheld inspections of bolt holes, bonding screens, corrosion, and braided flex hoses. Boeing also has obtained remarkable 25x-200x Parfocal Zoom lens. This lens can be used as a Touch & View™ lens or it can provide about ½ inch working distance when its Touch Collar is removed. Many situations require a 200x final image. If one tries to scan the whole object with a standard 200x lens, one may scratch the surface or one may not be able to locate some problem perceived with the naked eye. This zoom lens allows one to scan an area at 25x, bullseye a defect or area of interest, and then zoom to 200x without moving the lens. The surface of the material is preserved, time is conserved, and certainty is provided that the whole object has been inspected.
[Note: magnifications are rated as viewed on a 14 in. monitor.]

The strength of the DG-3 Portable Digital Microscope is its extreme portability. It can be used in the field, in the factory, in a fuselage, on animals, pipes, PCB's, and nearly any material requiring quality control or non-destructive testing.

Quality Magazine - June 27, 2007

The DG-3 Digital Microscope features a 3.5-inch LCD panel for easy viewing as well as measurement (micron) bars, which can be calibrated for each lens and embedded in the image. Preview mode allows the viewer to discard images before they are burned to the onboard memory card. In addition, a 2X button offers immediate digital magnification. Optional lenses cover a magnification range from 25X to 1,000X.

These features make the portable microscope valuable for quality control (QC) applications. For example, it can capture a stress crack before it ruptures and, of course, documentation is a critical part of QC. Also, this portable instrument serves as a microscope, digital camera and monitor, all in one. And, because it is digital, images can be sent via e-mail.

The DG-3 is a 2.3-megapixel (Mp) microscope that offers portability to meet applications in the factory or the field. It is powered by a lithium ion battery for 1.5 hours of continual use; the battery recharges in the same amount of time. Images are saved to a memory card, which holds 580 images in Normal mode and 310 images in Fine mode. All images are high-resolution JPEGs.


The instrument comes with a wide array of lenses, ranging from standard 30X to 100X, to high resolution 200X, 500X and 1,000X. The most popular lens for industrial QC is the 25X to 200X, parfocal zoom lens, using this lens, defect can be ‘bulls-eyed’ at 25X and then zoomed all the way to 200X without losing the defect. for example, If one used a fixed 200X lens for this procedure, it would be difficult to place the scope directly on the defect. Secondly, it would be nearly impossible to scan an area, making sure the entire surface is covered. At 25X, one can scan quickly and then magnify further without changing a lens, saving both time and money.

The DG-3 is an upgrade over the DG- 1, launched in 1998, and the DG-2. The following features offer improvements over the previous models.

  1. The 2-inch LCD has grown to a 3.5-inch viewer. “There seems to be an exponential benefi t to be able to see the images at this increased size,” Axsom says. The LCD panel also has video output, which allows viewing images on a monitor.
  2. The instrument can now “freeze” the image on the screen before it is saved to the memory card. As a result, the operator can eliminate unacceptable images prior to being saved; only the best are stored for later study. This saves time when images are stored on a computer for analysis or transmission.
  3. The DG-3 has measurement bars that can be viewed, while one is imaging, and burned into the images. Because of this capability, the instrument is being used to inspect painted surfaces for defects in auto and truck manufacturing facilities in the United States. It also is being used by technicians at Kennedy Space Center and at other aerospace facilities around the country.

Light weight and portability are other key attributes of the DG- 3. Also, because all functions are located on a keypad, instead of tucked away in menus, the instrument is reportedly easy to use. Because of its 2.3-Mp capability, the monitor can display 30 frames per second. Size is indicated by scale and magnification notations.

DG-3 Digital Microscope Basic Set

  • Camera body (with LCD monitor)
  • Litium-ion rechargable battery
  • Battery charger (also an AC adaptor)
  • CF Memory Card (256 MB)
  • C Mount adaptor
  • DC Cable
  • Video Cable
  • Special carrying cas

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