Automatic Motorized Durometer

Qualitest offers Shore Hardness Tester - Durometer are world-recognized for the highest accuracy, quality, durability and cost efficiency.

Concrete Testing

Qualitest offers a wide range of Non-Destructive NDT Testing Instruments for Concrete and other coarse grained materials.

Portable Hardness Tester - Handheld Hardness Testers

Portable Hardness Testers are ideal hardness testing tools where large samples, which cannot be brought to a traditional tabletop hardness tester, or specimens with hard to access areas are to be tested.

Coating Thickness Gauge

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced coating thickness gauges/paint thickness gauge such as new Positector series and much more.

Pull-Off Adhesion Tester

The PosiTest Adhesion Tester measures the force required to pull a specified test diameter of coating away from its substrate using hydraulic pressure.

Digital Force Gauges Series 7

Qualitest offers a wide range of force gauges for a virtually limitless number of tension and compression testing applications.

Holiday / Porosity Detectors

Qualitest offers a competitive and advanced range of Compact Holiday / Porosity Detectors on the market which can be used in most applications including pipelines, steel structures and tankwork and corrosion prevention.

Video Borescope

Our range of Portable Video Borescopes offer the ultimate in portable, high resolution video inspection and come with advanced recording capabilities.

Portable Digital Microscope

The new DG-3 portable digital microscope, features a large 3.5 in. LCD, calibratible measurement bars, image preview mode which saves disk space, and 2x button to insure a good focus.

QualiX-1000- Hand-Held Portable XRF Spectrophotometer

Portable XRF Analyzer QualiX-1000 For Metals, Alloys, RoHS, Plastics, Electronics. 

Surface Roughness Tester

The Qualitest TR-Roughness Testing range provides the best possible mix of different models ranging from economical portable models for basic roughness testing needs, up to the tabletop advanced version that comes with advanced software and platform for high accuracy and repeatability.

Ultrasonic Thickness Gauges

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced ultrasonic thickness gauge, wall thickness and corrosion gages and much more.

Micro-Gloss Glossmeters

A glossmeter measures the specular reflection. The light intensity is registered over a small range of the reflection angle. Our comprehensive range of competitive and reasonably priced gloss meters include economical models as well as advanced versions measuring single angles or TRI angles.