Portable XRF Analyzer
Pocket IV Genius 3000 is designed for RoHS
Pocket IV Genius 5000 is designed for metals and alloys
Pocket IV Genius 7000 is designed for mining and minerals industry

Portable XRF Analyzer EDX Pocket Genius Series - IV For Metals, Alloys, RoHS, Plastics, Electronics

The new generation XRF Analyzer Pocket IV Genius 3000, 5000 & 7000 series are designed according to the applications of on-site X-ray analysis in the field, featuring a small and light body, which can be held in hands by virtually anyone. It is extremely small, light, beautiful, safe, convenient, long standby time, waterproof, precise and fast.

Digital multi-channel technology enable the instrument to have better detection limit, better stability, and wider application fields. This series of products has passed strict testing and inspection, and all indexes meet the related technological requirements or reach the international standards' level.

Performance Advantage:

Perfect performance as desktop

Introducing three core technology: small power window integrated miniature X-ray tube, large dimension beryllium window electric-cooling SDD detector (the best detector in the world), and miniature digital signal multi-channel processor. These greatly reduce the testing time and test deviation, as well as improve the detection precision. All this combines to make this handheld analyzer capable of having the similar performance as a desktop analyzer.


This handheld analyzer has a small body and is easy to carry. The design makes it convenient for fieldwork. It can perform on-site and in-situ analysis anytime or anywhere.

Nondestructive detection

Testing and analysis does not require special sample preparation. The Pocket IV, thus, performs non-destructive testing.

Fast detection

This instrument not only can perform fast detection (as a handheld unit, usually within 1-2 seconds), but also can operate at a longer time frame for precision detection (as a desktop unit).These tests lasts for 10 seconds but it will yield a similar precision to tests performed in a lab.

Light elements detection function [NEW]

Compared to previous models, the Pocket IV XRF has an added gas charging system, which can charge helium at ordinary pressure. This addition allows it to detect the elements from Mg, greatly expanding the detecting range of elements and satisfying the requirements of customers for light elements detection.

HD camera, more accurate testing

Built-in HD camera, can observe the testing position at anytime.

Direct testing

It can perform tests on the objects directly, no need for sample preparation. It can analyze various kinds of samples, including electronic products, alloy, geology and mining, soil, rock, residues, small solid particles, liquid sediments etc.

Easy for calibration of deviation

Multiple testing modes (also no limits to the number of modes that can be added), along with a function that automatically match the test with the test mode combine together to make it easier for the end users to perform tests with one click of a button.
Built-in intensity calibration methods: it can calibrate the deviation caused by different geometry shapes and non-homogeneous structures.

Professional software, easy to operate

The Pocket IV XRF comes equipped with professional software for alloy analysis. It is a brand new software interface, combined FP with EC software allowing for wider application fields.

The collimator filter, improving efficiency three-folds

In regards to collimator and filter, the instrument increases them from 4 groups to 12 groups, thus increasing the efficiency 3 times.

Faster data transmission

Integrated Windows CE system, beautiful touch screen (resolution 640*480), digital multi-channel technology, and SPI data transmission effectively improve the data transmission ability and counting ability. This all allows for testing data transfer in every environment.

Effective radiation protection designed with your health in mind

Three-tier safety protection functions: automatic detection and automatic shut-down of X-ray generator within 2 seconds when no samples are being tested; the radiation level is far lower than the international safety standard when working, there is also no radiation leakage; each unit is accompanied with a test safety cover,

High power and convenient to charge

Lithium battery, with maximum capacity of 7800mAH can continuously run for 8 hours. This extended battery life is 2 times longer compared to previous models. The new Pocket IV XRF is also equipped with wide voltage ac charger or vehicle charger, which ensure that tests can be performed at any place or any time.

Visual indication system prevents human errors

This handheld XRF analyzer is equipped with a visual indication system: green light flashes when the power is on and the yellow light flashed when testing, which prevent for mistaken operation.

Multiple protection and durability

The instrument is waterproof and dustproof and can continuously work under high temperature and humidity. Its protection chassis is manufactured with high grade material that is often used in the military. The material is designed to be moisture-proof, shockproof, and pressure resistant.

Pick which of the Pocket IV series best suits your needs:

  • Pocket IV Genius 3000 is designed for RoHS
  • Pocket IV Genius 5000 is designed for metals and alloys
  • Pocket IV Genius 7000 is designed for mining and minerals industry

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