In order to prepare cement samples for different testing procedures, Qualitest provides several mortar mixers with different features as well as water and air/humidity curing bath/cabinets/workbenches.

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Available Products

Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX

The Automatic Mortar Mixer - QualiMIX series is used to make cement mortar and cement paste.

Vibration Table & Jolting Apparatus

Vibration Table & Jolting Apparatus - QualiVIB is used for the fabrication of mortar specimens. 

CURACEM Curing Cabinet

Curacem curing cabinet is ideally used in commercial and on site laboratories for the standard curing of samples of concrete, cement and similar material.

Circulating Water Bath with Cooler Unit

Circulating Water Bath, fit with cooler unit and recirculating water system, is used to condition in water asphalt specimens for Marshall and Indirect tensile test.