Charpy / Izod Pendulum Impact Tester
Izod Impact Test Configuration
Charpy Impact Test Configuration

The best combination of Design, Performance, Quality and Price

Innovative and state-of-the-art Digital Impact Tester, with Izod & Charpy configurations for plastics up to 25J

Q-Impact advanced Pendulum Charpy / Izod Impact Tester, available with energies from 1.75 to 25 Joules, is designed to determine the Charpy & Izod Impact strength of plastics and other materials. This sophisticated pendulum is controlled by a microprocessor which controls all the functions and the test protocols according to major International standards.

Q-Impact also comes complete with the self-calibration feature as well as an automatic function which compensates and corrects the friction during the tests. All the test data can be sent directly to a printer or to software on a PC.

The hammer can be stopped automatically in different positions by setting a special function on the console. This feature allows the operator to analyze the specimen after the pendulum hammer has passed. Q-Impact can also be instrumented for the dynamic analysis of the energy absorbed during the impact.

For operator's protection, this stylish instrument includes an electrically interlocked safety door.

The control system includes an LCD display for test parameters. It is possible to select different languages, the test type as per ASTM/ISO standards and many other features making this system the most user-friendly Pendulum impact tester on the market.

Main Features of Q-IMPACT Pendulum Impact Tester for Plastics

  • Pendulum with capacity from 1 to 25 J
  • Suitable for Izod, Charpy and tensile impact tests
  • System controlled by microprocessor

The instrument includes:

  • Electrically interlocked safety protection that can be opened with the pendulum stopped in rest position.
  • Braking system with manual control for striker stop after impact

The control system includes:

  • LCD graphic display for the parameters and the results.
  • A colour membrane keyboard

The main page displays the energy or resilience value in large characters for a better reading of the detected value

A SET-UP menu allows to configure the parameters with which the test is performed. It is possible to define:

  • Selection of the test parameters
  • Selection of the energy levels
  • Selection of the measuring units
  • Selection of the Standards: ASTM, ISO or UNI-EN
  • Selection of the striker type: Charpy or Izod
  • Selection of the communication language (English, French, Italian)
  • Selection of the parameters to perform the calibration (measure of the reduced length)
  • At specimen section
  • Date and hour
  • The tests are stored in a permanent memory of the system and so they are not lost after the instrument is switched off.
  • The test data can be transferred to a PC by a RS 232 serial line for a further processing.
  • The tests results can be printed at any moment and on any parallel printer.
  • The test conditions set in the SET-UP menu are printed in the test certificate.

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