Rotary Abrasion Tester

The Rotary Platform Abrasion Testing method was introduced in the 1930's and has been a popular method for evaluating abrasion and wear resistance. Our Rotary Abrasion Tester is a cost-effective, easy to use and high quality instrument,compared to Taber®* Abraser used to cover a wide spectrum of materials (including plastics, coatings, laminates, leather, paper, ceramics, carpeting, safety glazing, etc.) and is built in conformance to ASTM C501 / C1353 / D4157 / D1044 / D3389 / D3451 / D3730 / D3884 / D4060 / D4685 / D4712 / D5144 / D5146 / D5324/ D6037 / D7255/ F362/ F510/ F1478/ G195/ F1978, TAPPI T476, as well as many other International DIN, MIL, EN, BN, ISO, JIS, SAE, BS, and ANSI standards.

For this method of abrasion, a four-inch diameter specimen (flat, round or square shaped), normally less than (½”) or 12.5mm thickness is mounted on a rotating turntable. Abrasive wheels are applied to the sample using a fixed weight. For a specified number of cycles, the abrasive wheels wear away the sample. Usually, two elastomer samples are tested. The result is calculated by measuring the weight loss per thousand cycles of abrasion. Abrasive wheels are commonly made of vitrified clay, and they come in a several levels of coarseness. The test procedure is to abrade specimens against a pair of grinding wheels under a specified pressure. The Rotary Abrasion Tester is supplied with Vacuum unit and optionally a trimming machine may be obtained.

With the rotary abrasion method, a rub-wear action (sliding rotation) is applied on the surface of the test piece and the abrasion marks create a pattern of crossed arcs in a circular band that cover an area of 30 cm2. A key characteristic of rotary abrasion tester (abrader / abraser) is the wheels traverse a complete circle on the sample surface, showing abrasion resistance at all angles relative to the grain or weave of thematerial.

Qualitest also offers a complete selection of abrading wheels and sample holders for all types of specimens and materials.

* TABER ® is a registered trademark of Taber industries. Qualitest has no relationship or affiliation with Taber Industries. Qualitest Rotary abrasion tester - Abraser - Abrader is an alternative product compared to Taber ® abrasion Tester - Abraser - Abrader and meets and exceeds the corresponding standards.

Specifications of Rotary Abrasion Tester (compare to Taber®* Abraser)

  • Load: 250g, 500g and 1,000 g
  • Abradants: Wide selection of resilient or vitrified wheels, specialty wheels and custom formulations available
  • Dimensions: 530x320x310mm
  • Weight: 18 kg without vacuum cleaner
  • Standard configuration: Includes main unit and vacuum cleaner
  • Option: Trimming Machine
  • Voltage: 220V/50 Hz or 110V/60Hz (Please specify with order)

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