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Rubber Process Analyzer - RPA 8000

ASTM D6204, ASTM D5289, ASTM D6601, ISO 6502

Qualitest Rubber Process Analyzer - RPA 8000 is an advanced dynamic mechanical rheological test instrument. The RPA8000 is designed to measure dynamic mechanical rheological characteristics of polymers and rubber compounds before during and after cure

The Rubber Process Analyzer - RPA 8000 has many advantages over traditional rubber test methods due to the ability to test under conditions of variable strain frequency and temperature which reveal important differences in rheological, rheometric and dynamic viscoelastic properties. The versatility of this instrument allows for polymers and compounds to be comprehensively characterized, especially in terms of intrinsic material properties, processability characteristics and end product performance.

Specifications of Rubber Process Analyzer - RPA 8000
StandardsComplies with ASTM D6204, ASTM D5289, ASTM D6601, ISO 6502
TemperatureMicroprocessor controlled, ambient to 230°C (446°F)
Oscillation Strain±0.14 to ±1256% (±0.01° to ±90° of arc)
Oscillation Frequency0.0016 to 33Hz (0.1 to 2000rpm)
Torque Range0.001 to 225dN-m (0-200lb-in)
Units of measureTorque:               S’, S” (N-m, dN-m, lb-in, kg-cm)
Shear Modulus:    G’, G”, G* (Pa, MPa, psi)
Temp:                 °C, °F
Frequency:           cpm, Hz, rad/s
Strain:                 °arc, %
Optional calculated results: ŋ’, ŋ”, ŋ*, j’, j”, j* tanδ
Electrical100/110/120/130VAC ±10%, 50/60±3Hz, 15amp single p
200/220/240/260VAC ±10%, 50/60±3Hz, 7.5amp single p
Dimensions (WxDxH)70x80x130cm (28x32x53in.)
Weight280kg (620lb)
AutomationOptional 100 sample auto loader available to automatically load and unload samples

The optional auto loading fixture further improves the productivity of the Rubber Process Analyzer - RPA 8000. This option allows for up to 100 samples to be measured without operator interference. The auto loading fixture consists of a rotary tray staging system, sample loading arm, film transport system and controller. (use the two auto loading images for this text these needs to be fairly small)

Main application:

  • Incoming polymer characterization
  • Incoming raw material test
  • Master batch testing
  • Final compound testing
  • Cured compound testing
PolymerStrainMolecular weight distribution
 Stress RelaxationConsistent processing
  Optimize cycle times
  Improved efficiency
  Reduced Scrap
Calandering/ ExtrusionStrainGauge control / Die swell
Injection MoldingStrainMold flow
 FrequencyMold fill
  Shear thinning
CureTempOptimized cycle times
  Minimized cycle times
  Maximum throughput
Post CureTempDamping
 StrainRolling resistance
 FrequencyHeat build up
 Stress relaxation 


Variable Strain
Variable Strain

Strain is applied via the oscillating lower die, under full computer control. The strain angle can be precisely varied between 0.05° and 90° in 0.01° increments. Torque modulus and viscosity are measured at pre determined frequency and temperature.

Variable Frequency
Variable Frequency

The oscillation frequency of the applied strain cam be varied with great accuracy between 0.03Hz and 33Hz. Torque, modulus and viscosity are measured at pre determined strain and temperature.

Stress Relaxation
Stress Relaxation

Modulus and torque are measured vs. time after a sample has been subjected to a pre-programmed strain.

Variable Temperature
Variable Temperature

During a test, the temperature can be varied between 20°C and 230°C with great precision. Torque, modulus and viscosity are measured under pre determined frequency and strain.

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