Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machine - Universal Tensile Tester - Qualitest offers the most competitive line of Universal Testing Machine range in the industry.

Automatic Motorized Durometer

Qualitest offers Durometer - Shore Hardness Tester are world-recognized for the highest accuracy, quality, durability and cost efficiency.

Moving Die Rheometers

The Moving Die Rheometer measures the change in stiffness of a rubber sample. The sample is compressed between two heated platens and by an applied oscillating force. 

DeMattia Flexing Fatigue Tester

Our advanced DeMattia Flexing Tester Conforms to ASTM D-430 method "B" and ASTM D-813 standards to measure the ability of soft rubber compounds, leather and similar materials to resist dynamic fatigue.

Abrasion Tester

Abrasion tester is used to determines the resistance of elastomers by the frictional loss of the rubber in products, such as tires, conveyor belts, hoses, footwear, floor covering etc.

Brittleness Temperature Tester QT-BPT

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Brittleness Testers.

Environmental Chamber

Qualitest Environmental Chambers are capable of simulating a wide range of temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions. 

Cell Ovens EB17

Stress Relaxation Tester - EB 02 Relaxation system for continuous measurement in either compression or tension. The Stress Relaxation Tester - EB 02 meets the requirements in ISO 3384, ISO 6914 and ASTM D6147.

Block Oven / Aging Oven

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Block Oven and Ageing Oven for the rubber and plastics industries.

Low Temperature Tester - Combo

The TR-Tester, Gehman Tester and Brittleness Tester can be combined using the same base unit and a rig changing system. The combined instrument consists of a base unit with a cooling bath and the electronics.

shoe testers

Qualitest provides Footwear/Shoe Testers enabling retailers, manufacturers and importers to evaluate the essential mechanical and physical properties of their footwear products.

Rebound Resilience Elasticity Tester - DIGITEST II

Qualitest covers a complete and competitive range of Rebound Testers for determination of the elasticity of elastomeres, soft elastic foamed materials and similar materials under impact stress.

Specific Gravity Tester - Densimeter

Specific Gravity Tester - Densimeter - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced Density testing equipment such as different types of Densimeters for measuring solid and liquid specific gravity.

Specimen Cutting Dies – Cutters

High quality range of specimen cutting dies and sample cutter are made exactly according to the specific ASTM, DIN, ISO, or JIS standards and are highly accurate for perfect preparation of your test specimens.

Hydraulic Swing Arm Clicker Press

Qualitest offers a full range of competitively priced Clicker Presses starting from manual versions, up to auto-pneumatic models, as well as Hydraulic types available in various capacities to conveniently cut your perfectly sized specimens.

Freezing Tester

Qulitest offers Freezing Tester units are available in vertical or horizontal configurations are used to test the bending/flexing durability of rubber, plastics, synthetic leather, shoes, etc.

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester

Carbon Black Dispersion Tester is designed to ensure uniform dispersion of carbon black in the polymer substrate.

Carbon Black Content Analyzer - ES-14

The tube oven ES14 / Carbon Black content analyzer can be used for determination of ash and/or carbon black content of rubber, or carbon black in olefin plastics.

Film Creep Tester

Film Creep Tester is based on our Ageing Oven EB 10-II with a digital ruler system including a line laser pointer for manually measuring the creep.

Shear Adhesion Failure Tester - ES 07

The SAFT instrument is used to test Heat-Fail Temperature in Shear of Hot Melt Adhesives. Weights are attached to the shear samples and the temperature is increased with a controlled rate until the samples fail.

Automatic Creep & Relaxation Tester

With the Automatic Creep and Stress Relaxation Tester - EB-18-II-3 For Testing of Rubber - tests can be done. The instrument is based on our triple temperature oven EB 07, which means that each test station can run with an individual temperature.

Gehman Tester - ET-02

Gehman Tester, ET 02 for determination of the relative stiffness characteristics of vulcanized or thermoplastic rubbers, also called the Gehman procedure.

TR Tester - ET-01

TR Tester, ET 01, for determination of low temperature characteristics by the temperature retraction procedure according to ISO 2921 and ASTM D-1329.

Hot Set Tester

The EB 16II Hot Set Tester for Cable Material is made for hot set testing of cable material according to IEC 811-2-1.

Elastometer - EF-02

Elastometer is used for Compression Tests on profiles & for Discontinuous stress relaxation tests.

Fogging Tester - EB-03

Testing the fogging characteristics of interior materials in auto mobiles has become increasingly important in order to minimize harmful contaminants and ensure safe driving conditions.

Salt Spray Tester – Salt Spray Cabinet – Chamber – Fog Apparatus

Salt Spray Tester - Salt Spray Cabinet - Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced plastics and rubber testing equipment such as Salt Spray Tester

Ball Rebound Tester for Foam Materials

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced testing equipment such as Ball Rebound Tester.

Rubber Process Analyzer - 9000

The RPA-9000 is rotorless rotational shear system with closed test chamber type system according to ASTM, ISO, and DIN.

Foam Pressure Rheometer

The Foam Pressure Rheometer is for the determination of various vulcanization characteristics of different rubber compounds.

Mooney Viscometer

The Mooney Viscometer measures the change in a rubber and plastic elastomer properties over time, from uncured to scorched state.

Vertical Rebound Tester - Resiliometer

The Vertical Rebound Tester - Resiliometer is used to test the rebound or resilience property of rubber.

Ross Flex Tester - Ross Flexing Tester

The Ross Rubber Flexing Machine is designed to determine "resistance of vulcanized or synthetic elastomers to cut growth. It conforms to ASTM Method D1052, as well as ISO-4643. This model can test 12 samples simultaneously.

Goodrich Flexometer

Goodrich Flexometer which is an automatic Flexometer system features height measurement and cooling stations, an automatic temperature chamber including preheating station and a specimen silo for 20 specimens.

Thickness Gauge EV 01

EV 01 Thickness gauge series are special thickness gauges, with the possibility with many different applications, measuring foot and table.

Low Temperature Compression Set Rig - EV-09

The Low Temperature Compression Set Rig performs compression set at low temperatures without having to open the deep-freezer and influence the compression set result has always been a problem.

Compression Set Test Fixture

Compression Set Testing according to ASTM D395 test method, measures the ability of rubber to return to its original thickness after prolonged compressive stresses at a given temperature and deflection.

Tire Plunger Tester

Our advanced range of Tire Plunger Testers is available in different configurations for various tests such as, plunger test, bead unseating, vertical stiffness, lateral stiffness, footprint analysis, dimension measurement, envelope stiffness, bevel stiffness, torsion, and inflation pressure tests.

Williams Parallel Plate Plastometer

The Parallel Plate Plastometer is used to determine the plasticity and recovery of uncompounded, compounded, and reclaimed stocks of un-vulcanized rubber and rubber-like materials.

Resistance Tester

Resistance Tester, EE 02, determines Electrical resistance on conductive and antistatic Rubber products according to ISO 2878.

Plug Bending Tester

The Plug Bending Tester tests the flexing endurance between the power cord and blades and is also capable of testing the flexibility resistance of the cord itself.

Circular Sample Cutter

Our fiber cutters use a drawing action to cut accurate circular samples with smooth edges. Even difficult materials such as fine knits, thin films, tissue paper, corrugated cardboard and synthetic leather can be cut conveniently.

Pusey & Jones Hardness Tester

Our top quality Pusey & Jones hardness tester (Plastometer) serves for determination of the penetration depth on rubber and elastomer materials e.g. rubber rollers and standard blocks made of rubber with a minimum thickness of 13 mm as well as paper rollers.

Cold Impact Tester

The test inspection can be executed by means of falling a stipulated hammer form 100mm height onto the test specimen which laid flat on the steel block and then checking whether there are damages on the insulation cover, sheaths and protective coverings.

Punching Press SP 4000 II

Punching Press SP 4000 II serves for the production of samples, made from elastomers according to the Standards mentioned.

Upper Material Flexing Tester

Upper Material Flexing Tester is designed for determining the flexing resistance or physical damage of all vamps, and soft materials.

Automatic Hardness and Density Testing

Automatic Hardness and Density Testing is a revolutionary HDA consists of a hardness tester and a density measuring system which allows tests to be carried out automatically.

Outsole Belt Flexing Tester

Outsole Belt Flexing Tester is designed for flexing outsoles. It tests the specimen by simulating a personal walking in a normal way so as to determine the resistance of the specimen to flex. 

Sample Cutter for Rheometer

Sample Cutter - QT-7016-M1 is mainly designed for cutting specimens for rheometer. The cutter is driven by a cylinder for cutting rubber specimens for curing test.

Foam Rubber Reciprocating Compression Tester

Foam Rubber Reciprocating Compression Tester is designed for determining the deformation set of foam plastics.

High Temperature Parallel Plate Plastometer

High Temperature Parallel Plate Plastometer is used to determine the plasticity and recovery of un-vulcanized rubber,uncompounded rubber,compounded rubber reclaim rubber.

Maeser Water Penetration Tester

Maeser Water Penetration Tester is designed to test shoe upper material of leather, synthetic leather, cloth, …etc. anainst water penetration, which is taken the specimen immersing in water and flexing by a constant speed.

Velcro Fatigue Tester

Velcro Fatigue Tester is designed for opening and closing the hook and loop fasteners.

Densicom Tester

Densicom Tester is a precise digital gravitometer used for measuring the specific gravity of outsoles made of rubber, plastics or EVA foam.

Tape Dynamic Fatigue Tester

Tape Dynamic Fatigue Tester is designed for determining surface crack, and separation or break of reinforced layer of a specimen made from tyre tread, tyre sidewall, conveyor belt, rubber outsole, vamp, diaphragm, tubing during repeatedly flexing and stretching.

Conveyer Belt Fatigue Tester

Conveyer Belt Fatigue Tester is used to determine the dynamic strength of the cord-to-rubber bond in a steel cord reinforced belt, namely the rubber fatigue testing.

Optical Sorting Machine

Qualitest offers a line of optical sorting machine that can also be used to do automatic sorting.

Grip & Fixtures

Qualitest offers extensive range of advanced test fixtures and grips, accessories, and adapters for Universal Testing Machines, and Tensile / Compression Testers.