Sheet Metal Formability Ductility Testers

Sheet Metal Formability Tester - Ductility Tester - Cupping Test - Drawing Cup Test

ISO 8490, EN 14-58, EN 14-67 , DIN 50 101, DIN 50 102, BS 3855:1965, NF A 03-602, NF A 03-652, ASTM E 643-84

A full range of Sheet Metal Formability/ Ductility Testers from manual versions up to highly advanced and sophisticated automatic models to measure formability, ductility characteristics of sheet metals as well as perform erichsen, olsen, deep drawing, ear measurement, FLC analysis, and sample marking.

International Standards

Erichsen Cupping Test Erichsen Deep Drawing Cup Test

ISO 8490
EN 14-58
EN 14-67
DIN 50 101
DIN 50 102
BS 3855:1965
NF A 03-602
NF A 03-652
ASTM E 643-84
IS 1756:1961
JIS Z-2247
JIS Z-7729
UNI 3037
UNE 7080
GOST 10 510
SIS 11 2635
SABS 0132-197
PN-68 H-04400
MSZ 5704-67
CSN 42 046

ISO 11 531
DIN 50 155
DIN EN 1669
MSZ 5731-68
UNI 6124-67
JIS Z-2249
NF A 50-301
A great number of further sheet metal forming tests can be carried out using our Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machines, equipped with the suitable test tools:

Olsen or Persoz cupping test
Square cup test
Bore expanding test (KWI test)
Deep drawing cup test acc. to Swift
Fukui test
Engelhardt test
LDH test
Determination of the forming limit curves (FLC)
Tests applying drawing speeds up to 30 m/min
Cupping Tests at temperatures up to 550 degrees C
Bulge test
and many more...


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Available Products

Model 100 Sheet Metal Cupping Tester

Model 100 Sheet Metal Testing Machine for manual operation provides a maximum drawing force of 30 kN and a blank holder force according to the standard, of 10 kN.

Sheet Metal Testing Machine - Model 102

Electro-hydraulic sheet metal testing machine Model 102 with automatic test sequence for the determination of the ductility and drawing quality.

Earing Test Machine - Model 106

Sheet and Strip Metal Testing Machine in special design, with electro-hydraulic drive, for the manufacture of standard cups to establish earing - Model 106.

Automatic Erichsen Cupping Test Machine, Model 111

Electronically controlled cupping test machine with electro-hydraulic drive and automatic test sequence, including crack detection, standardised cupping speed and a maximum drawing force of 45 kN.

Ear Measuring Instrument - Model 126

The ear measuring instrument, Model 126, is a sturdy desk-top device. Earing measurements are taken using transducers with associate amplifier.

Ear Measuring Instrument - Model 126C

The second generation ear measuring instrument, Model 126 C is used in quality assurance when sheets are produced and processed.

Sheet Metal Testing Machine - Model 134

Sheet Metal Testing Machine Model 134, with electro-hydraulic drive, max. drawing force 120 kN and adjustment for pre-setting the blank holder pressure max.

Weld Seam Testing Machine - Model 138

The Weld Seam Testing Machine, Model 138, is a deep-draw testing machine designed for the determination of the properties of weld seams of Tailored Blanks.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine with electrohydraulic drive, fully automatic test sequence and switch off at specimen failure, max. drawing forces 200 kN or 400 kN.

Fully Integrated Sheet and Strip Metal Testing Autogrid System Model 142-20

This Testing Machine can be used not only to perform effortlessly, quickly and accurately all important and known deep drawing tests for ferrous and non-ferrous metals, but it is also designed for a large number of additional technological investigations.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machines - Model 145

The Models 145-60 and 145-100 belongs to the top-of-the-line models of our sheet metal testing machines.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machines - Model 146

The Models 146-60 and 146-100 belongs to the top-of-the-line models of our sheet metal testing machines.

Sheet Metal Blanking Press - Model 150

The Specimen Blanking Press, Model 150, is an easily operated and economical machine for producing tensile specimens and circulars blanks from all ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Laboratory Milling Machine - Model 160

Laboratory Milling Machine - Model 160 is a carbide milling cutter rotating at the high speed of max. 35.000 min-1 is used to mill a clean edge.

Model-161 Bulge/FLC Tester

The Bulge/FLC Tester, Model 161, is an electro hydraulic testing machine to carry out the hydraulic cupping test on all ferrous and nonferrous metals.

Sheet Metal Testing Machine Calibration Set - Model 170

We recommend the Calibration Set, Model 170, allowing to examine the blank holder force and the drawing force as well as the punch stroke.

Automatic Strain Measurement - Forming Limit Curve (FLC) via AutoGrid

The AutoGrid product family enables for strain analysis on samples and components in sheet metal industry. The new AutoGrid vario has been designed to meet our customers needs for highest flexibility in the optical setup, measurement volume and local resolution.

Sheet Metal Marking Device - Model 190

Specimens made of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal and prepared with the Sheet Metal Marking Instrument, Model 190, provide extensive information about their behaviour during subsequent deformation.

Ear Measuring Instrument - Model 126 Plus

The Ear Measuring Instrument, Model 126 Plus, is designed for the axial measurement of deep-drawn cups and raw cans. Typical standards are DIN EN 1669 and ISO 11531.