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Sheet Metal Marking Device - Model 190
Marking Sheet Metal

Specimens made of ferrous and non-ferrous sheet metal and prepared with the Sheet Metal Marking Instrument, Model 190, provide extensive information about their behaviour during subsequent deformation. The measuring grid applied to the specimen electrochemically, indicates in all parts of the work piece the direction and magnitude of the strain produced.

The degree of strain in the form of elongation or compression can be clearly seen by the distortion of the pattern of the measuring grid and can be measured numerically.

Test principle

All types of sheet metal used in forming can be provided with marking. The electro-chemical application of a measuring grid takes a few seconds. If DC is used then 0.001 - 0.02 mm deep marking is obtained, whilst with AC clean forms and lines in black, brown or white are obtained on the sheet metal surface.

Stencils with different patterns are available depending on the type of measurement to be made to suit the particular forming process.

With measuring grids down to 2 mm and up to 8 mm diameter the strain in the material is shown up precisely, especially in the critical areas. The 0.1 mm thin, clean, uninterrupted lines obtained with our marking system and the dimensional consistency and regularity of the various marking grids provide a basis for a high accuracy in measurement.

The marking rollers transfer the measuring grid from the precision stencils evenly and quickly onto small or large surfaces.

The measuring grids themselves do not produce any stresses, surface damage or deformation of the specimen. The markings remain clearly visible on the work piece after the forming process and can be measured accurately. Light rubbing, weathering effects or corrosion caused by salt spray mist do not obliterate the measuring grid.

Technical Specifications for Sheet Metal Marking Device - Model 190
Power supply unit
Mains connection 230 V, 50 Hz
Current consumption 6.3 A
Input power 1.500 W
Operating voltage 18 V DC/15 V AC
Net weight approx. 26 kg
Dimensions Width approx. 550 mm
Height approx. 340 mm
Depth approx. 450 mm
Marking roller - manual
Net weight approx. 4.5 kg
Width approx. 270 mm
Marking roller - automatic
Net weight approx. 14 kg
Width approx. 235 mm
Marking stencils on carrier frame
Format DIN A 4
Accuracy ± 1 %
Net weight approx. 2 kg
Dimensions of carrier frame Width approx.600 mm
Height approx. 25 mm
Depth approx.400 mm

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