Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester


The Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester simulates the lace under the reciprocal abrasion at a specified tension to determine its life cycle. The test should be preformed until a test piece breaks and or reaches the pre-set number of cycles.

Two shoelaces are horizontally crossed in a moveable clamp, rubbing against each other, so as to determine their abrasive resistance.4 sets of specimens can be tested once.

Technical Specification of the Shoe Lace Abrasion Tester
Spacer4 sets
MotorDC Brushless 120W
Reciprocating stroke35±2 mm
Test speed60±3 cpm
Dimension(W×D×H)56 × 55 × 40 cm (22” x 21.7” x 15.7”)
Weight70kg (Approx.)
Power1 Phase, 110V/60 Hz


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