Triaxial System - Dynatriax System for Soil Analysis

The Dynatriax Triaxial System reproduces vibration, shock and cyclic forces applied to the soil samples in the laboratory such that the engineers have a better understanding of how a soil behaves in these conditions.

Field Classification

For fast and easy field testing and classification, Qualitest offers products such as surface soil sampler and field penetrometers. For laboratory classification, Qualitest provides different products for Atterberg limits’ determination.

Moisture Content

Qualitest provides various reliable, easy to carry and rapid moisture content determination testing equipment.

Soil Permeability

In order to determine permeability of soil, Qualitest offers products following different standards such as flexible wall permeameter.

Plate Bearing Test - Swiss Method

The Plate Bearing Test - Swiss Method determines the bearing capacity of the soil under field loading conditions. The relatively lightweight and small dimensions of the apparatus make it very easy to use and to move from one place to the other.

Unbound & Hydraulically Bound Mixtures

Qualitest offers several CBR compactors as well as compactor hammers for unbound and hydraulically bound mixtures.

California Bearing Ratio - Immediate Bearing Index

Qualitest provides several products to determine CBR and IBI in this category.

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer

Dynamic Cone Penetrometer has been designed for the rapid in-situ measurement of the structural properties of existing road pavements constructed with unbound materials.

Los Angeles Abrasion Tester

Qualitest also offers products for aggregate testing such as Los Angeles abrasion tester, filler compaction apparatus, etc.