Soil Permeability

In order to determine permeability of soil, Qualitest offers products following different standards such as flexible wall permeameter.

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Available Products

Permeability Cells - Flexible Wall Permeameter for Soil Samples

The Permeability Cells - Flexible Wall Permeameter for Soil Samples performs permeability tests on normal and contaminated soil samples.

Constant Head Permeability Apparatus

The soil permeability is a very important factor to study the behavior of soil in its natural condition with respect to water flow.

Falling Head Permeability Apparatus

The Falling Head method is particularly suitable for fine-grained soils. The test is performed with a permeability cell, which has to be connected to a manometer stand.

Compaction Permeameters

This Compaction Permeameter apparatus is used to control the water supply in the constant or falling head permeability tests on compacted soils.

Combined Constant Apparatus

The Combined Constant apparatus is used for both constant or falling head methods for determining the soil permeability.

Pinhole Test Apparatus

During the Pinhole test the flow of water is reproduced under a high hydraulic gradient through a cavity in the soil.