Spout Insert & Sealing Machine - QT-Pack-SX
Spout Insert & Sealing Machine - QT-Pack-SX
Sealing Machine samples
Sealing Machine samples

Spout Insert & Sealing Machine - QT-Pack-SX

Qualitest spout sealing machine is automatic PLC controlled machine specially designed for mass production of packages with spouts and heat sealed packages.

It is a fully automatic system consists of heat sealing system, spout input system, and bag input system, bag output system, and central control system mounted on single base frame from module. All systems are equipped with electronic sensors and relays to work cordially for efficient and quality manufacturing of packaging bags.

It is applied to a variety of spouts and bags of different diameters and lengths, such as standing-up bags, 3-side sealing bags.


  • The machine is fully automatic, automatic spout input, bag input and output, precision control, stable and smooth running, can work 24 hours continuously.
  • The spout system consists of chutes, vibrating disks and guide rails. The photo-electric sensors can induce the spouts and control the charging action.
  • The bag system utilizes the pneumatic sucker and sealing system is equipped with dual holding table which increases machine efficiency by enabling dual operations at the same time.
  • The heat sealing system includes a big turntable, heat sealing blades and workstations (There are 6 sets of heat sealing blades: 1 set for preheating, 4 sets for heat sealing and 1 set for cooling). Step-by-step heating and cooling, with high performance, stable and dependable operations. Every sealing blade has an independent temperature controller, and runs and debugs independently.
  • The workstations are adjustable for bags of different sizes. Customers can order diverse sealing blades for spouts of various types.
  • The bag collecting system consists of finished products collecting table and waste product recycling table. Photo-electric sensor and pneumatic control makes the manufacturing process fully automatic.
  • The control panel deploys a touch screen, on which all kinds of parameters can be set, and working status in real time such as complete amount, time, success rate and failure rate can be show.
  • Other parts: 10 temperature control meter, 8 pressure gages, and 4 emergency stop buttons (1 button on each side of the machine).
  • Modular design easy to customize, dismantle, transport and assemble.
  • Central control system has control cabinet, control panel and PLC, with touch screen for setting parameters and displaying working status.
  • Self examining the location of malfunction or failure.

Technical Specifications

Bag Types

Self Standing bags, three-side sealing bags, doypacks, irregular bags and cubic bags

Spout Size

8.5 mm or 10 mm (Customization available as per requirement)

Bag Size

Width: 60 ~ 120 mm, Length: 70 ~ 230 mm

Processing Speed

Three Side Sealing bags and doypacks: 40 ~ 90 pcs/min

Irregular Bags: 40 ~ 80 pcs/min

Cubic Bags: 30 ~ 70 pcs/min

Sealing Method

Heat Sealing

Sealing Blades

6 Sets (1 Set for Pre-Heating, 4 Set for Heat Sealing, 1 Set for Cooling)

Cooling Method

Water cooled (Velocity 0.5 m/s)

Motor Type

Servo motor

Controlling Method

PLC controlled

Temperature Control

PID control (Precision: 0.1 °C)

Object Sensing Method

Photo-electric Sensor


13 KW

Power Supply

380 V, 3 Phase (4 Wire)

Machine Size

2400 mm x 2200 mm x 2300 mm


2000 Kg (Approx.)


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