Standard Light Source - QT-SLS4

Standard Light Source - QT-SLS4

It is very important to study coloring materials and its sheds for proper selection to meet identical painting and printing requirements.

QT-SLS4 is specially designed and integrated source of light for simulating four different types of standard lighting conditions to evaluate a color sheds to meet identical painting and printing requirements.


QT-SLS4 is widely used for color observation, color contrast and color matching in a wide range of industries of paper printing, paints, printing ink, plastics, dyeing, textiles, etc.


  • Meets standards requirements of International Commission on illumination (CIE) and CY3-91;
  • Reduced effect of Metamerism;
  • Standard and even illumination without flashing;
  • Ready to use on start-up as no warm-up or heating requirement;
  • Low energy consumption.

Working Principle

Standard light source is a theoretical source of visible light with a profile (its spectral power distribution) which is published and conforms to international standards. Coloring comparison usually occurs under sunlight in daily life, whereas industrial color comparison requires the light source with equivalent spectra distribution of sunlight, which is defined as D65 standard light source by International Commission of Illumination (CIE). However, metamerism effect always occurs when matching color. It makes the same specimen show different colors in different light source, which will lead to confusion. Application of light source will effectively avoid such unfavorable effect.

Technical Specifications

Light Source

D65 – Artificial Day Light

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) : 6500 K, Power: 18 W

TL84 – Store Light

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) : 4000 K, Power: 18 W

F – House hold light / color contrast reference light

CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) : 2700 K, Power: 40 W

UV – Ultra-Violet Light

Wave length: 365 nm,

Power 20 W

Outer size


Inner size





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