CNC Sample Preparation Machine - SpeciCut III

Testing the tensile and compressive strengths of a wide variety of materials requires both state of the art testing equipment as well as meticulous sample preparation.

Salt Spray Tester – Salt Spray Cabinet – Chamber – Fog Apparatus

A salt spray test is an inexpensive method to measure how materials and industrial coatings can be broken down over time, improving our understanding of the impact of rust and other types of corrosion. Salt spray testers produce a standardized corrosive environment in order to evaluate the protective properties of products in many industry sectors.

Automatic Motorized Durometer

To guarantee that rubbers and plastics can withstand any industrial application, they must be thoroughly tested to ensure that they are made to the highest standards possible. Qualitest’s Digi-Test II Automatic Motorized Durometer is a cost-effective hardness tester that provides the most accurate results on the market.

Metallic Tensile Specimens- O-Frame Presses

When creating sheet metal plates on the production line, companies must test their products for strength and durability, and blanking is the most cost-effective method of preparing tensile samples for manufacturers and other companies in the sector.

Qualitest showcases its Hydraulic Universal Testing Machines at the Arab Lab Expo

Qualitest’s Universal Testing Machines are designed to meet the highest standards of excellence in the quality control industry. Our QT-HW2 series of Universal Testing Machines are the most popular Hydraulic Frames on the market for testing metal samples, concrete, rebar, tube & pipe, stranded wire, steel bar & plate, fasteners, wood, and high-strength composites.

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Salt Spray Tester – Salt Spray Cabinet – Chamber – Fog Apparatus

A salt spray test is a standardized method to measure the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings. A corrosive environment is produced in order to evaluate the protective properties of the material samples. The appearance of corrosion, such as rust, is then evaluated after a pre-determined time.

Elastometer - EF-02

When companies need more elasticity in products that stretch and recoil, rubber and polymers are ideal materials. An elastomer can be stretched many times its original length and bounce back without permanent deformation.

QualiX-1000- Hand-Held Portable XRF Spectrophotometer

Qualitest's XRF Analyzer QualiX-1000 series is designed with the optimal configuration for on-site X-ray analysis. This pocket analyzer is small and light, completely waterproof and dustproof, and extremely accurate, precise, and fast.

Carbon Sulphur Analyzer - QualiCSA-3000

In steelmaking, the mining industry, and foundry shops, products are frequently analyzed for their carbon and sulphur content. A wide range of materials — including steel, cast iron, copper, ores, cement, ceramics, minerals, sand, and glass — undergo carbon sulphur tests to ensure their resilience under different environmental conditions.