When manufacturers and testing labs need to analyze the quality of metals, plastics, textiles, composites, and other material samples, the Universal Testing Machine is an essential piece of equipment. These machines allow companies to determine whether materials will retain their utility when stretched and crushed, ensuring that they can be incorporated into products that are used in high-stress industrial applications.

Qualitest offers its Q50 Universal Testing Machine to perform these tests. With a state-of-the-art modular design, the Q50 can be equipped with various grips and fixtures, as well as extensometers, additional load cells, temperature chambers, and other accessories to perform a wide range of tests including tensile, compression, flexure, and many more. Qualitest recently supplied one of its Q50 models to ANCE, a testing lab in Mexico City. ANCE is a global leader in the testing of products in the electrical, industrial, metal, and gas sectors, with top-of-the-line services that meet stringent international standards.

Qualitest’s Q50 Universal Testing Machine allows users to accurately control the test from a remote location, with advanced software that permits users to automatically analyze and transmit the test data to their company database. This machine will help ANCE to continue providing its high level of service to more than 5000 national and international clients.

Q50 Universal Testing Machine (50 kN - 11,000 lbf)