Qualitest's XRF Analyzer QualiX-1000 series is designed with the optimal configuration for on-site X-ray analysis. This pocket analyzer is small and light, completely waterproof and dustproof, and extremely accurate, precise, and fast.

These handheld XRF analyzers have small bodies and are easy to carry, making them convenient for non-destructive tests in the field. They can perform on-site and in-situ analysis anytime and anywhere, without requiring special sample preparation. A built-in HD camera allows more accurate observation of various kinds of samples, including electronic products, alloy, geology and mining, soil, rock, residues, small solid particles, and liquid sediments.

Equipped with a small X-ray tube, the best beryllium SDD detector in the world, and a miniature digital signal multi-channel processor, these handheld detectors greatly reduce testing time and improve precision. Qualitest recently delivered several QualiX-1000 XRF analyzers to the Hull Inspection Institute, a world-class inspection firm that delivers global solutions to Marine and Offshore Facilities.

With easy-to-use professional software and safety-oriented radiation protection, Qualitest’s QualiX-1000 XRF analyzers will provide reliable means for Hull Inspection Institute to manage risk in the marine, oil & gas, manufacturing and insurance industries, through the application of rigorous international standards.

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QualiX-1000- Hand-Held Portable XRF Spectrophotometer