When determining the tensile stress and compressive strength of materials, components, and structures, nothing works as well as Universal Testing Machines. These instruments certainly live up to their name, performing countless tensile and compression tests that help companies meet a wide range of international standards.

Qualitest offers the most comprehensive and competitive line of Universal Testing Machines in the industry. Our Q-Series of Universal Testing Machinescan conduct rapid and reliable tensile, compression, flexural, shear, peel, fatigue cycling, and constant load tests on an array of different materials, including metals, composites, alloys, rigid plastics and films, elastomers, and textiles. Supported by unparalleled service and training, the Qualitest Q-Series is a top contender in every market for material testing.

For instance, our Q600 Universal Testing Machine is loaded with advanced technical features such as powerful GraphWork software, which analyzes and manages all testing data. This software makes the Q-Series particularly effective in both production lines and laboratory environments, where it enables users to monitor test results quickly and accurately while upholding North American and international test standards.

Qualitest recently received an order for a Q600 Universal Testing Machine equipped with GraphWork software from a leading aircraft component company that is founded, owned, and operated by service-disabled veterans. The Q600 will reduce the company’s operating costs and virtually eliminate waste in its manufacturing process: by enabling users to obtain additional load cells with lower capacities, this machine will allow the company to operate with the highest accuracy for micro loads.

These key advantages will help the company maintain its outstanding reputation in quality control and service, ultimately ensuring that the advanced materials used in composite seals and airframe components are crafted with safety and precision.

Qualitest devices help veteran-run aerospace company maintain competitive advantage