When companies need more elasticity in products that stretch and recoil, rubber and polymers are ideal materials. An elastomer can be stretched many times its original length and bounce back without permanent deformation. To determine whether an elastomer or rubber is appropriate for an industry application, companies and laboratories must test it through various means, including compression and stress-relaxation tests.

To accomplish these tests, Qualitest is proud to introduce the Discontinuous Stress Relaxation Tester EF-02 Elastometer. This Elastometer has a sleek, easy-to-use design and is made with very high accuracy regarding surface finish and parallelism of the platens. By permitting several types of tests to be performed, the discontinuous stress relaxation system has an economical advantage when companies must test many materials over long periods of time.

Conducting discontinuous stress relaxation tests according to ISO 3384 method B, and standard compression tests according to ISO 7743, the Discontinuous Stress Relaxation Tester EF-02 Elastometer is very effective in determining compression and stress in elastomers, making it a high-quality addition to Qualitest's line of rubber-testing devices.

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Elastometer - EF-02