When creating sheet metal plates on the production line, companies must test their products for strength and durability, and blanking is the most cost-effective method of preparing tensile samples for manufacturers and other companies in the sector.

Qualitest is the top international provider of state-of-the-art blanking presses for preparing samples from sheet metal plates, offering highly accurate and reproducible test results without the need to change tools for each thickness range. By equipping our Blanking Press with a Grinding System, Qualitest has increased operational efficiency by enabling operators to quickly remove the cold hardened edge from product samples.

Qualitest recently delivered one of our Blanking Presses to a major automotive manufacturer in the United States. With such an adaptable, effective testing system, this company can increase production and ensure the high quality of their products in many real-world applications.

Metallic Tensile Specimens- O-Frame Presses