In steelmaking, the mining industry, and foundry shops, products are frequently analyzed for their carbon and sulphur content. A wide range of materials — including steel, cast iron, copper, ores, cement, ceramics, minerals, sand, and glass — undergo carbon sulphur tests to ensure their resilience under different environmental conditions.

Qualitest's Carbon Sulphur Analyzer, the QualiCSA-3000, is ideal for analyzing steel production, mining, and foundries, with the capacity to oversee the entire process of steelmaking from pig iron to finished product. Known as the Combustion Master, it is the most suitable instrument for examining ores and mining products, precisely testing each production step from the blast furnace to the converter and continuous caster.

The QualiCSA-3000 is equipped with an induction furnace, a metal dust filter, and special chemically resistant materials, which ensure nearly maintenance-free operation. With its high analytical range and precision, the Combustion Master is the optimal analyzer for foundries, providing user-friendly controls for the most efficient and safe testing on casted materials.

Qualitest recently delivered a Carbon Sulphur Analyzer to the University of Nigeria for use in their studies. With its multilingual operation software, and its ability to measure both high-range and low-range carbon and sulphur, it will help the University to conduct extremely versatile testing in several different areas of study.

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Carbon Sulphur Analyzer - QualiCSA-3000