A salt spray test is a standardized method to measure the corrosion resistance of materials and coatings. A corrosive environment is produced in order to evaluate the protective properties of the material samples. The appearance of corrosion, such as rust, is then evaluated after a pre-determined time.

Qualitest's Salt Spray Cabinet is used to create a salt spray fog in a test environment. The anti-corrosion quality of materials such as a painting, coating, and electroplating is tested in a chamber with a capacity of 108 litres. Qualitest's Salt Spray Tester is available in two models, one for plastics and for rubber — both of which meet rigorous international standards including ASTM-B117, ISO-9227, JIS-D0201, JIS-H8502, JIS-H8610, JIS-Z2371, and more.

Qualitest's Salt Spray Tester provides a sturdy and reliable testing environment for a wide range of products, prompting one of the largest armies in the world to purchase an entire line of our Salt Spray Testers.

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