Testing the tensile and compressive strengths of a wide variety of materials requires both state of the art testing equipment as well as meticulous sample preparation. Hard products such as metals and concrete together with softer components such as rubber and textiles can be examined to measure properties like tensile strength, elasticity, compression, yield strength, elastic and plastic deformation, bend compression, and strain hardening. The most critical component of measuring these properties accurately is the preparation of a test sample, which must be free of any cracks, stresses or distortions caused by the sample cutting process itself.

In order to facilitate the most accurate results possible, Qualitest’s SpeciCut III Sample Specimen Preparation Unit is the ideal equipment to prepare the perfect sample. The SpeciCut III has a cost-effective motion control application of up to 3 axes, which is based on numerical control technology. Despite this complex motion, it is easy to program and operate, even for beginners. The end result is a tensile specimen that matches the pure basic metal or plastic structure with a total absence of tool marks or any other defects induced through the sample cutting.

The SpeciCut III is often used in conjunction with the QM-300 Universal Testing Machine. Qualitest’s QM-300 has an ergonomic design with many advanced features and a maximum load testing capacity of 300 kN.

Qualitest recently delivered both a QM-300 and a SpeciCut III machine to a leading railcar manufacturer in North Carolina. These state of the art pieces of equipment will help them to produce certified railcars, which meet all of their compliance requirements.

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CNC Sample Preparation Machine - SpeciCut III