SPECTRAL PG sample preparation machine

Spectroscopy is widely used by manufacturers to determine the composition of metal products, ensuring that the proper distribution of materials has been achieved.

Gehman Tester - ET-02

When using rubber products in industry applications, such as automotive and home hardware, the rubber must be high quality to remain flexible under any condition.

Gas Permeability Tester - G2/132 - Permeability Tester for hollow packages

Qualitest is very proud to support manufacturers, university labs, and other companies worldwide, helping to ensure that products and materials are of the highest quality when it truly counts. Recently, we were given the opportunity to support an international naval unit, providing them with the following equipment to help them maintain quality control both on land and at sea:

Metal Charpy Pendulum Impact Tester

To detect the impact resistance of metallic materials under dynamic loading, manufacturers and researchers conduct metal impact tests. Our Metal Pendulum Impact Testing Machine, the Quali-Impact 500, allows technicians to conduct these tests continuously, with high processing precision.

Petrography, Mineralogy and Geology Equipment

To examine the physical structure of rock specimens, petrographers must cut, grind, and polish samples. Qualitest’s Geo Line includes Geoform, Geofix, Geocut, and Forcipol 300-1V, all of which adhere to the highest safety standards to produce thin rock samples.

Charpy Notch Broaching Machine

In the lab, technicians can determine the notch toughness of metal specimens by conducting Charpy impact tests. Qualitest offers a range of Charpy Impact Specimen Broaching Machines for conducting fast, accurate, and reliable tests.

Universal Testing Machine - QM-Series

To determine the tensile properties of various materials such as metals, rubbers, plastics, and fibreglass, companies perform destructive tensile tests to understand the maximum force that can be applied before material fracture occurs.

Digital Micro Shore Durometer HPE Type M/AM

To gauge the harness value of soft elastomers, companies and research labs must conduct durometer testing on material samples. For thin or irregular elastomers such as soft rubber, thin walled o-rings, and natural rubbers, Qualitest’s HPE Type M/AM Digital Micro Shore Durometer provides accurate readings on specimens down to 1.25mm.

Clemex CMT Microhardness / Vickers / Knoop Image Analysis Software

To test the hardness of materials such as ceramics, composites, and metals — including very thin materials like foils, individual microstructures, and many other manufactured products — companies carry out microhardness Vickers and Knoop indentation tests.

Friction / Peel Tester - FPT-F1

Coefficient of friction testing is an important process for manufacturers of specific products, determining whether two surfaces of a product will be able to slide past one another when in contact.