Universal Testing Machine | Universal Tensile Tester

Universal Testing Machines are used by many industries to test the tensile and compressive strength of materials.

Universal Sheet Metal Testing Machine

To test the durability of different sheet metals, Qualitest provides companies with its Sheet Metal Testing Machines. We recently delivered two of our Sheet Metal Testing Machines to a leading aluminum service center in North America, for the testing of up to 100 of its different coil products.

Block Oven / Aging Oven

To ensure products can remain operational after extensive usage, companies test them with aging ovens to assess the long-term integrity of samples.

Analog Elmendorf Tear Strength Tester

When testing plastic products, companies need to analyze materials in several different ways to ensure the quality holds up in a variety of applications. For instance, in the plastic film industry, all plastics used have to be tensile and strong while also being very thin.

Economical DeMattia Flex Tester

Flex testers are essential for helping companies assess the durability of rubber components such as vulcanized rubber. Specimens of rubber are subjected to repeat flexing over a specified period of time so that the levels of flex cracking and crack growth can be determined.

Differential Scanning Calorimeter - QT-DSC6 Series

Differential scanning calorimeters are the best solution for conducting thermal analysis in any industry. In manufacturing and research environments, calorimetry allows companies to accurately determine the specific heat of a sample undergoing a chemical process.

HDT / VICAT Heat Deflection Tester HV-3000-P3C/P6C

To examine the strength of materials used in construction and manufactured products, companies must test specimens under many different temperatures to determine the environmental conditions that cause these materials to become malformed.

Analog Izod / Charpy Impact Tester - QPI-IC

To determine the energy required to break standard plastics, Qualitest offers its QPI-IC Basic Charpy / Izod Impact Tester, which is the most reliable instrument to conduct quality control tests that span two different energy groups (3/6/9J and 7/14/21J).

Automatic Motorized Durometer

Rubbers and plastics are almost always used in manufactured products. To guarantee that these materials can withstand any industrial application, they must be thoroughly tested to ensure they are of the best quality possible.

Motorized Force Test Systems - MT-1500 Series

For a wide range of manufacturers making products from paper, metal, carbon, and even film, Motorized Force Test Systems are used to administer essential tensile tests. By applying controlled force to a sample, these companies can calculate the capacity of their products to withstand tension and compression, ensuring the highest level of quality control.