Qualitest allows a major toy manufacturer uphold high product standards

When casting plastics, manufacturers need to know that the materials they are using are able to flow properly into their molds. These companies must have the ability to precisely measure the flow of melted plastics if they are to maintain the quality of their plastic products and allow for the development of efficient and cost-effective manufacturing processes.

Qualitest helps a major manufacturer of mobile phones design durable and reliable packaging

Companies that manufacturer expensive and fragile goods need to know that when they ship their merchandise to consumers, these products will arrive intact. Customer loyalty and trust depends upon the ability of companies to deliver orders on time and as advertised.

Qualitest devices help veteran-run aerospace company maintain competitive advantage

When determining the tensile stress and compressive strength of materials, components, and structures, nothing works as well as Universal Testing Machines. These instruments certainly live up to their name, performing countless tensile and compression tests that help companies meet a wide range of international standards.

Qualitest helps leading supplier of waterproofing and sealant products protect buildings from costly water damage

If buildings are to endure the elements, companies must develop high-quality waterproofing and sealant products that meet the strictest of standards. By protecting construction materials against the effects of water damage, these products play an essential role in reducing the costs of structural maintenance and increasing the longevity of buildings.

Qualitest helps a leading Mexican supplier of wires ensure the quality and safety of its industrial, commercial, and residential products

Rubber is an essential component of wires and cables used in electrical systems, and this rubber must be of the highest quality to withstand the heat involved in conducting electrical current.

Qualitest helps industry leader increase the safety and reliability of synthetic rubber

Flex testers are an essential tool for ensuring that rubber components are strong enough to resist cracking in everything from cars and ships to buildings and bridges.

Qualitest delivers full range of hardness testers to New York University, Abu Dhabi

The ability to accurately and efficiently test the hardness of materials is a priority for academic research laboratories worldwide, as universities seek to provide students with the real-world skills demanded by materials science and engineering positions.

QV 4500 High End Closed Loop Micro / Macro Vickers Hardness Tester

Traditional hardness testing systems use either a dead weight mechanical design or a spring force mechanism to apply the test force. However, such methods lack test control and are often inaccurate due to the absence of real-time feedback on the actual force applied.

Rubber Testing

Most rubber automotive parts are required to withstand critical temperature changes in their everyday use, meaning that they must be thoroughly tested to meet safety standards. The unique testing environments of the automotive and tire industries require extremely specialized equipment to determine the quality of their products.