Qualitest is proud to offer an extensive selection of Quality Surveying Instruments for the land surveyors and construction industry. Our program includes a wide range of Total Stations, Optical and Digital Theodolites and Digital Transits, Automatic Levels, Tripods, single and triple prisms, poles, and levelling rods.

This product line has the best price/quality ratio on the market with extended warranty of 2 year. Our customers include land surveyors, construction & contracting companies, universities, police departments, government agencies, and department of transportations in the North America and overseas.

Total Station - QTS Series - Surveying Equipment

A total station is a combination electronic transit and electronic distance measuring device (EDM). With this device, as with a transit and tape, one may determine angles and distances from the instrument to points to be surveyed.

The Optical Theodolite - THEO Series

The Optical Theodolite - THEO Series, offers user-friendly and accurate surveying measurements at an affordable price.

Digital Theodolite - THEO-2DL Digital Theodolite

The Digital Theodolite - Electronic Series come with newly-designed double LCD displays, as well as numeric & alphabetic keypad, and are ideal for the measurement of horizontal and vertical angles, used in surveying.