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Tensilathe/505 for Preparation of Round Tensile Specimens
Tensilathe/505 for Preparation of Round Tensile Specimens
Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe

Tensilathe/505 for Preparation of Round Tensile Specimens

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Tensilathe/505 Precision
Hydraulic Tracing Lathe

Tensilathe/505 is specializes, precision heavy duty tracing lathe with the capability of turning bars up to 18" in length. The lathe bed is precision ground cast iron, ensuring smooth movement of the tailstock and tracer.

The Tensilathe/505 is powered by a 1 HP motor, with infinitely variable speed from 100 to 1,725 RPM . A maximum spindle speed of 3,000 RPM can be achieved by changing pulley ratios. The main electrical box is mounted inside the cabinet with a main circuit disconnect lever and lock.

The compact hydraulic tracer operates on a valve independent of other functions, ensuring precise, instant response. The stylus has 360º sensitivity, allowing tracing and cutting of the specimen during traverse in both directions. The 1/2 horsepower hydraulic pump is enclosed with the 5 gallon hydraulic oil reservoir.

Tensilathe/505 is mounted on a rugged, all welded cabinet with 1-1/8" deep tray top. Tray surface is 35" high, providing a comfortable working height for most people. Lugs mounted at the bottom of the cabinet allow secure bolting of the unit to the floor.

The tool holder mounted on the Tensilathe/505 uses standard disposable carbide inserts with or without chip breaker. 4 usable cutting surfaces ensure maximum cost saving for each sample turned. Replacement inserts are available either through us or through most mill supply houses.

Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe

The unit is supplied with a 4" diameter 3-jaw universal chuck. A 4-jaw independent chuck is available.

The cast iron tail stock can be clamped in any position, for ease in preparation of virtually any length specimen. A drill chuck and MT2 live center are included with the unit.

Hinged chip guard conveniently swings back for loading samples; in its forward position it protects the operator from the coolant mist and chips.

Emergency button stops all lathe operations and retracts the cutting tool from the specimen being machined.

All control switches and buttons operate on 115/1,and are properly grounded and shielded.

Tracer valve and cutting tool are at the rear of the lathe, leaving the front clear of tools for fine polishing of specimen and to facilitate loading/unloading of pieces.

The Tensilathe/505 contains a mist coolant system with a one-quart reservoir. Mist is automatically started when machine cycle is initiated.

Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe
Sample Preparation Time

The length of time required to prepare a sample on the Tensilathe/505 depends upon three factors: starting shape, amount of material to be removed, and machineability of material. The chart below indicates total preparation time, including roughing where applicable, for samples turned during demonstrations of the Tensilathe/505.

Precision master templates are accurately aligned and clamped independently above the hydraulic tracer to control the configuration of the test specimen within +.0005". A straight template can be used to rough bars from irregular stock, while contoured templates provide the proper dimensions and taper for machining the gauge section and shoulders. Standard master templates for the most commonly used samples are detailed in our specification charts.

Round specimens of up to 18" length and up to 2" diameter can be prepared on the Tensilathe/505.

Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe
  • Electrical Requirements: 115 Volt, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
  • Motor Size: 1 Horsepower
  • Motor Speed: 100 RMP to 1,725 RPM
    Infinitely Variable
  • Spindle Speed: 0 RPM to 3,000 RPM
    Infinitely Variable
  • Hydraulic Pump: 1/3 HP, 115V; 5 gal.
    Hydraulic Fluid Reservoir
  • Coolant: Misting System; One Liter Reservoir
  • Air Requirements: 70-100 PSI, 2CFM
  • Dimensions:  36" x 25" x 50" H
  • Weight: 550 Lbs. Net
Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe
  • Starting Shape Requirements:
    Round, Square, Irregular
  • Length:  2" to 18"
  • Range of Size of Starting Pieces:
    Round: 1/4" overall to 3" overall
    Square/Irregular:  1/2" x 1/2" to 2" x 2"
  • Materials Which Can Be Cut:
    Ferrous or Non-Ferrous Metals.
    Aerospace Metals up to RC50 hardness.
    Ceramics, Composites, Hard Non-Metallic Materials.
  • Included In Purchase Price:
    Tracing Assembly
    Drill Chuck with Arbor
    Live Center
    Mist Coolant System (Installed)
    Tool Holder (Installed)
    Carbide Insert (Package of 5)
Tensilathe/505 Precision Hydraulic Tracing Lathe

For further information or to place an order for the Tensilathe/505 for Preparation of Round Tensile Specimens, please CLICK HERE, call us Toll-Free at: 1.877.884.TEST, or click on the "HOW TO ORDER" Button