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Tensilkut I - Tensile Sample Preparation
Tensilkut I - For Machining Test Specimens

Tensilkut I - Tensile Sample Preparation

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Tensile samples can be machined from ferrous and non-ferrous metals and a wide range of plastic and non-metallic materials in gauges from .001" (.025mm) to 3/4" (20mm). The configuration of the specimens are traced from precision master templates to achieve contour duplication within .001" (.025"mm).

The test strip is clamped in a precision template which is manually moved across the TensilkuT table during the machining of the test specimen. The upper guide bar rides along a guide sleeve which is manually adjusted by the TensilkuT micrometer control. The carbide cutting tool is located eccentrically behind the sleeve to achieve cutting of the sample to duplicate the testing shape. The templates are nickel plated to prevent wear to the guide surfaces. This insures accuracy of duplication for specimens machined weeks or months later - variations in test results are attributed to differences in the base material, for the specimens are indentical!

Tensilkut I - For Machining Test Specimens

The specific depth of individual machining cuts is dependent on the machineability and gauge of the metal or plastic being machined. A relatively deep cut can be used for roughing the sample to shape, whereas extremely light .0005" (.0125mm) cuts can be used for the finishing passes.

The light cutting forces applied to the sample, due to the high RPM, allows the template to be easily moved with very little hand pressure. A sample of 1/4" (6.25mm) steel plate requires less than 16 oz (450 grams) of force to achieve proper machining. When the sample is machined to its finished gauge width, the micrometer dial reaches a stop to automatically prevent further machining of the sample. The top template guide bar is undersized in relation to the finished test specimen thereby preventing the template from making contact with the cutting bit.

10-00 Tensilkut Series

TENSILKUT Models indicated by asterisks have 115 volt, single phase, 60 cycle motors and are supplied with a transformer for use with 230 volts single phase, 50-60 cycle supply.

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