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Tensilcut II Tensile Specimen Preparation
Tensilkut II - For Machining Test Specimens

Tensilkut II - Tensile Sample Preparation

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The TensilkuT II represents the greatest change to the machine since its inception, without any change to its principal or accuracy.

As with previous models, basic components of the machine include a motor operating in excess of 20,000 RPM, and a fluted carbide cutting tool with a high rake angle producing more than one thousand cuts per second. Individual chips become fine shavings, thus inducing no cold working to the specimen edges.

The 31/4  horsepower motor which is used in this machine is enhanced by a built in motor speed regulator, infinitely variable from 10% to full speed. This motor speed regulator can increase cutter life and improve surface finishes of certain metals and non-metallics. It also helps alleviate problems caused by heat buildup in the Tensilbit under some operating conditions.

A built-in lubricating/cooling system is installed on the TensilkuT ll. It is most often used for cooling of metal samples during the cutting process; it also helps reduce the amount of dust generated while preparing kevlar or fiberglass specimens. The brass nozzle and neoprene hoses are installed through the control head to permit misting of the specimens and cutter simultaneously; a one quart fluid reservoir is mounted within the cabinet, easily accessible for refill of the lubricant.

A special sound deadening system has been installed inside the cabinet to greatly muffle motor noise.

Tensilkut II - For Machining Test Specimens

A built in chip collection system reduces the volume of debris thrown from Tensilbit through a slot built in behind it. This can be used to pick up either dry chips or the wet chips which are produced when te lubricating system is used. The suction power of this system can be varied to accommodate the volume and weight of material being removed.

An acrylic shield surrounds the control head of the machine, protecting both the operator and the surroundings. Because the acrylic is clear, it does not reduce operator visibility.

Tensilkut II - For Machining Test Specimens

TENSILKUT Models indicated by asterisks have 115 volt, single phase, 60 cycle motors and are supplied with a transformer for use with 230 volts single phase, 50-60 cycle supply.

Tensilkut II Subsystem Specifications


  • Air Requirements: 50-100 PSI; 1/4" Connection.
  • Reservoir Size:   1 Quart
  • Nozzles, Hoses, Fittings: Brass/Neoprene,
  • Double Line.
  • Coolant Reqirements:   Non-Toxic, Water Soluble coolant solution or water. Volitale liquids not recommended.


  • Electrical Requirements: None (utilizes machine power)
  • Canister Size:   5 Gallons
  • Collection Capabilities: Wet or Dry Chips, Metal Shavings or Plastic Chips or Dust.


  • Electrical Requirements:   None (utilizes machine power)
  • Variability:  10% to 100% (Infinite Variation)
  • Electronic Controls :  Can also be bypassed.

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