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Tensilkut Templates and Tensilbits
Templates and Tensilbits

Templates and Tensilbits

Tensilkut Template System

Download Templates and Tensilbits PDF Download Templates and Tensilbits PDF

Tensilkut master templates are available for flat test specimens to ASTM, ASM, AISI, BS, DIN, or any other international testing standard. These moderately priced templates have guaranteed contour accuracies within ASTM tolerances and all templates are interchangeable. A standard tensile specimen can be machined, and with no change in the TensilkuT controls, a subminiature specimen can be accurately prepared.

Templates and Tensilbits

To prepare a tensile specimen, a rough sheared or sawn strip is inserted into the template between the upper and lower guide bars and is not removed from the template until both sides of the specimen are completely machined. This reduces errors caused by reversing samples, as required with conventional milling.

A tensile template to ASTM E8 with a .500" X 2" gauge automatically includes the required .003" to .005" taper blended into the gauge section, with no undercutting of the radius area and with no hand blending required. For metal testing, standard templates are available for the preparation of tensile and microtensile specimens.

As the use of non-metallics became more widespread, the line of standard TensilkuT master templates was expanded to include tensile, tensile-impact, flexure and compression shapes. One master template can be used to cut samples from soft or hard plastics, ceramics, fibelglass, rubber, kevlar, epoxies or composites where the same configuration is required, thus insuring that the test specimens will be identical.

Templates and Tensilbits

Where the finished specimen is too small to be held securely in a conventional two-sided template, a one-sided template like the one shown above is used. A sample which requires machining along its entire length can also be prepared with a one-sided template. As with more commonly used two-sided templates, any tapers are accurately blended into the template bars, eliminating the need for costly hand finishing.

Special Master Templates

The 50-00 master template series lists many of the most commonly used standards of metal and plastic testing in accordance with ASTM. Should these templates not suit your exact requirements, special master templates can be designed to meet almost any testing specification.

Templates and Tensilbits

Test specimens can be prepared from strips varying in length from 2" to 24", and width from 3/8" to 6". Gauge sections of the templates can be designed with or without a blended taper. A template can include drill bushings for precision alignment of holding pin holes for elevated temperature testing or for use with certain grips. Custom shapes have been designed for longitudinal testing of curved tube sections, while others have been built to machine specimens from welded sections.

Should your testing program require special dimensions or configurations, or if your samples include one or more of the unusual conditions listed above, pleased forward a sketch of the completed specimen, including tolerances and desired taper, to our Engineering Department for a quotation. Basic sketches for tensile and tensile-impact samples, indicating the required dimensions, are shown below.

Standard Master Templates

TensilkuT master templates are made to produce samples in accordance with the most commonly used ASTM specifications for a wide variety of materials and tests. The template you need is determined by the specification of your test sample and the model of your TensilkuT, TensilkuT ll or Tensilgrind machine, as indicated in the chart below:

Tensilkut II - For Machining Test Specimens


For optimum surface finish and contour duplication on your flat test specimens, you need carbide cutting tools engineered specifically for high speed machining with TensilkuT super cutting edge sharpness combined with the proper angles of cut and relief are essential to achieve the fine shavings required for non-deformed specimen edges. Solid Carbide Tensilbits are precision manufactured from the finest micrograin carbide, carbide tipped, and diamond plated Tensilbits have high quality tool steel shanks.

For cutting metals which are tough to machine, we have Titanium coated Tensilbits available. These special Tensilbits have been used on stainless, titanium and similar metals with great success, resulting in increased preparation speed and improved cutter life. Please call for further information and pricing.

Specifications and suggested applications for various Tensilbits from TensilkuT Engineering are shown below.

40-00 Tensilbit Series
Tensilkut II - For Machining Test Specimens

A built in chip collection system reduces the volume of debris thrown from Tensilbit through a slot built in behind it. This can be used to pick up either dry chips or the wet chips which are produced when te lubricating system is used. The suction power of this system can be varied to accommodate the volume and weight of material being removed.

An acrylic shield surrounds the control head of the machine, protecting both the operator and the surroundings. Because the acrylic is clear, it does not reduce operator visibility.

TENSILKUT Models indicated by asterisks have 115 volt, single phase, 60 cycle motors and are supplied with a transformer for use with 230 volts single phase, 50-60 cycle supply.

Tensilkut II Subsystem Specifications


  • Air Requirements: 50-100 PSI; 1/4" Connection.
  • Reservoir Size:   1 Quart
  • Nozzles, Hoses, Fittings: Brass/Neoprene,
  • Double Line.
  • Coolant Reqirements:   Non-Toxic, Water Soluble coolant solution or water. Volitale liquids not recommended.


  • Electrical Requirements: None (utilizes machine power)
  • Canister Size:   5 Gallons
  • Collection Capabilities: Wet or Dry Chips, Metal Shavings or Plastic Chips or Dust.


  • Electrical Requirements:   None (utilizes machine power)
  • Variability:  10% to 100% (Infinite Variation)
  • Electronic Controls :  Can also be bypassed.

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