Three Angle Gloss Meter - 20, 60, 85 degree Gloss Meter
20, 60, 85 degree Gloss Meter
The different gloss of these two samples

20, 60, 85 degree Gloss Meter - Micro-TRI-gloss 20, 60, 85

The micro-TRI-gloss combines 20°, 60°and 85° in one gloss meter – as handy as the one angle unit. Having three geometries in one unit allows you to be in compliance with international standards and to quickly recognize quality variations.

All selected angles measure at the same location and the results are displayed instantly - including Statistics, Difference, or Pass/Fail.

The different gloss of these two samples is more clearly shown in the 20° readings.

In order to obtain differences clearly, over the whole range from matte to high gloss, three measurement geometries were specified in international gloss meter standards. Each geometry is optimized for a specific gloss range.

Technical Specifications

Long-term calibrationwith automatic check of the calibration standard
Autorange0-2000 GU (20°)
0-1000 GU (60°)
0-160 GU (85°)
Measuring time0.5 seconds / geometry
Statisticsnumber of readings per sample are selectable from 2 to 99
Difference and Pass/Failmemory for 50 standards with limits
Continuousactual value, average, min., max.
Displays in 3 columns selectableactual value, average std. dev., min., max., range, difference, pass/fail
micro-TRI-glosssimultaneous display 2 or 3 gemetries
Memory999 readings with date and time, with recall function
Interface and SoftwareUSB and Bluetooth®; easy-link (included)
Menu guidance switchableEnglish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish
Auto shut-off timeselectable 10 - 99 seconds
Power supplyone 1.5V AA Alkaline Battery 10,000 readings or via USB-port
Operating temperature15 - 40°C (60 – 104°F)
Relative humidityup to 85%, non-condensing


Ordering Information
Part No.Description
AG-4563Micro-TRI-gloss 20°, 60°, 85°


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