Tire Plunger Tester

Tire Plunger Tester

Download Tire Plunger Tester PDF Download Tire Plunger Tester PDF

Our advanced range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are available in different configurations for various tests such as, plunger test, bead unseating, vertical elasticity coefficient, lateral elasticity coefficient, footprint analysis, dimension measurement, envelope stiffness, bevel stiffness, torsion, and inflation pressure tests. It equips with a servo driving system, high precision load & displacement detection device and the real-time computer analysis system to help the test facile and comprehensive. This extensive range of Tire Plunger Tester machines are widely used in the tire industry and meet the corresponding ASTM and other international standard test methods.

Specifications of the Tire Plunger Tester 
Item Plunger Energy Test Thread Footprints/Vertical Elasticity Coefficient Test Lateral Elasticity Coefficient Test Bead Unseating Test
Capacity 10 ton 2 ton/ 10 ton10 ton
Unit (Switchable) Kgf, lbf, N, kN, psi, MPa, N-m etc
Load Resolution 1/200,000
Load Accuracy within±0.3%
Stroke Accuracy ±0.5%
Test Speed 0~299 mm/min adjustable
Specimen(tries) Light weight trucks, sedan, truck, engineering…etc.Sedan (free of interior tire)
Apply to the Range of Tyre Diameter max×1500mmRim dia. (code)254~406mm
Plunger φ8×80 mm,
φ19×200 mm,
φ32×330 mm,
Effective Area of the Tread Footprints -420 × 297 mm500 × 500 mm........
Support Block for Bead Unseating Test -comply withJIS-D4230 A,B
Dimension(W×D×H) Main unit: 122 × 270 × 280 cm
Computer/desk: 133 × 70 × 105 cm
Weight (approx) 3 ton
Power 3 Phase, AC220V, 20A

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