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Cement Compression Tester - ToniPRAX
Cement Compression Tester - ToniPRAX
Cement Compression Tester - ToniPRAX

Cement Compression Tester - ToniPRAX

The economical compression and bending testing machine for Cement and Mortar cubes and prisms in accordance with ASTM C 109, EN196, ISO 679, and C 349

ToniPRAX is a single-purpose compression test system for cement and mortar specimens. It uses a low-friction hydraulic drive with the digital measuring cell installed directly in the flux of the force for maximum measurement accuracy. The closed-loop servo-controlled valves are operated digitally through ToniTROL measurement and control system. Like ToniNORM, ToniPRAX features automatically controlled preprogrammed test procedures. The compression system is designed for low-load compression tests on standardized specimen 40 x 40 x 160 mm3 prisms or 2” cubes according to the appropriate standard as listed above. The standard model allows for a maximum test load of 250 kN (56,800 lbs).

ToniPRAX can be configured not only for standard specimen compression testing, but also 3-point bending tests for prism specimens. A 3-point bending fixture is used. One end of the bending bridge has a fixed position while the other is adjustable and tilt-mounted. The bending edges are directly linked to the digital measuring cell to assure maximum measurement accuracy.

An additional benefit of ToniPRAX is that it is designed to be adaptable to post-purchase upgrades.

Cement Compression Tester - ToniPRAX
Special Features:
  • High quality, rigid load frame
  • Servo-hydraulic control (Closed Loop)
  • Intelligent control system
  • Class 1 DIN 51220
  • A variety of software options
  • Easily expandable in the future

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