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Economical Single Purpose Cement Compression Testing Machine - ToniZEM
Economical Single Purpose Cement Compression Testing Machine - ToniZEM
Economical Single Purpose Cement Compression Testing Machine - ToniZEM

Economical Single Purpose Cement Compression Testing Machine - ToniZEM

DIN 51220, DIN EN ISO 7500-1, and ASTM C109


The ToniZEM is designed according DIN 51220 as well as DIN EN ISO 7500-1 as an automatic, servo-hydraulic machine of the accuracy class 1

TheToniZEM is a single purpose compression test plant for efficient serial testing of cement -, mortar -, and refractory samples such as prism acc. EN 196-1 (40x40x80 mm), ASTM C109 (2x2x2 inch) and BS 1881 (70.7x70.7x70.7 mm).

  • Fully automatic test plant with micro-processor and closed loop control with servo valve
  • Delivery as space
  • Saving compact unit
  • Installation
  • Connecting
  • Testing
  • Fully automatic with testXpert software, up to 99 test sequences storable in ToniTROL
  • Two display indications for force (kN) and strength (MPa)
  • Very simple setting of test parameters and operation
  • Software options according product description model 0510
  • Software and printer for automatic raw data printing (option), alternatively PC with evaluation program testXpert or connection to LIMS through software ToniDAT
Design / Working Principle: The ToniZEM test plant consists of the following components:
  • ToniNORM Power Box, model 2014
    for pressure supply (see separate product description)
  • ToniTROL model 0510.010
    Computer controlled measuring and control system for fully automatically programmable test performance (see separate product description) Model 0510.101 basic software for load controlled tests including the following functions: Programming of test sequences like F/ t load up to fracture of samples Fracture detection and limited values adjustable via software.

    Possibility to enter dimensions and weight of samples as well as sample identification number.
  • Model 1547.0300
    Load frame 300kN with load cell for compression tests .Two column compact frame with vertical plunger drive. Directly integrated hardened pressure plates
  • With test area protection requested in EU for CE conformity
Optional pressure plates (one set must be ordered)

size 40 x 40 mm hardened steel 1543.011.1
size 40 x 40 mm tungsten carbide 1543.011.2
size 40 x 62,5 mm hardenend steel 1543.012.1
size 40 x 62,5 mm tungsten carbide 1543.012.2
size 70,7 x 70,7 mm hardened steel 1543.010.1
size 50 x 50 mm hardened steel 1543.013
size acc. to ASTM C 109 1543.009
upper pressure plate Ø 79,4 mm, hardened steel
lower pressure plate Ø 74 mm, hardened steel

Optional accessories 1547

Manually driven bending tool 1543.020 for dividing prisms (40x40x160 mm) into two halves, mounted on the housing of the Power Box.

Technical Information for ToniZEM
max. test load 300 kN
measuring range, Class 1 3.0 ..... 300 kN
Distance between pressure plates (by 40x40 mm) 60 mm
Distance between pressure plates (by 70.x7x70.7mm) 80 mm
Piston stroke 30 mm
Distance between colums 210 mm
Power supply V/Hz/KW 3 ~ 230/400 // 50 // 1,8
Working height approx. 1050 mm
Required space WXDXH 700x775x1350 mm
Weight gross/net approx. 500/380 kg

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