Ultrasonic Concrete Testing

This category comprises the range of instruments that use sound or stress waves in order to determine the properties of concrete and other materials non-destructively. The first and most widely used System is our V-Meter, which utilizes the ultrasonic pulse velocity method for evaluating construction materials in the field. Transducers are available for a variety of frequencies from 24 KHz to 500 KHz. This unit has also been modified to suit the special needs of ceramics users and can be found as the Ultrapulse. The PIES, our revolutionary Portable Impact-Echo System, is an advanced instrument for non-destructive detection of flaws and defects in a variety of civil infrastructures ranging from bridges, parking structures and buildings to dams, piles, tunnels, tanks and marine structures.

Finally our E-Meter System represents the state of the art in bench top laboratory resonant frequency analysis of materials. This unit comes standard with a test bench designed to handle a variety of modes of vibration, including longitudinal, torsional and flexural.

This line of products represents the most effective and efficient way to evaluate concrete and other materials in the field and utilizes the latest in technology in order to guarantee accurate results.

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Available Products

Ultrasonic E-Meter MKII

Ultrasonic E-Meter MKII is used for the Determination of the Resonant Frequency of Materials such as Concrete, Glass, Carbon & Graphite, Ceramic White ware as well as in refractories.

Concrete Flaw Detector - V-Meter Mark IV

The Concrete Flaw Detector - V-Meter Mark IV is widely used and accepted for quality control and inspection of concrete.

Vu-Con System

Vu-Con is an Impact Echo System for measuring the thickness and quality of concrete.