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Vacuum Impregnation Unit - VACUMET - Cold Mounting for Metallography Sample Preparation

VACUMET is a vacuum impregnation instrument, designed for evacuating/remaining the trapped air from specimen and improve/enhance the hardening of the epoxy mixture to the sample’s edges.

VVACUMET includes high strength plastic vacuum chamber, vacuum hoses, vacuum gauge and consumable kit (paper cups, epoxy supply hoses, mixer sticks). Most mineralogical specimens have porosities, cavities and cracks and the fore need to be embedded under vacuum. It fulfills this requirement easily and efficiently. Vacuum Impregnation Unit use for cold mounting especially designed for embedding and impregnation of porous materials under vacuum. In addition, gluing of specimens to glass slides for thin section analysis is possible.

It built-in pneumatic vacuum system of -0.65 bar, vacuum gage and one set of supplies for casting epoxy resins. This unit is very simple to operate and ensures efficient impregnation.

Accessories for the Vacuum Impregnation Unit - VACUMET

  • Spatulas, (100pcs)
  • Mixing Beakers, (10pcs)
  • Embedding Form, ø 25 mm. (1pc)
  • Embedding Form, ø 30 mm. (1pc)
  • Embedding Form, ø 40 mm. (1pc)
  • Embedding Form, ø 50 mm. (1pc)
  • Stainless steel clips (100 pcs)
  • Plastic clips (100 pcs)

Accessories of the Vacuum Impregnation Unit - VACUMET

  • Powder, 1000 gr
  • Fluid, 500ml
  • Powder (Transparent), 1000 gr
  • Fluid (Transparent), 500 ml
  • Epoxy Resin (1000 ml)
  • Epoxy hardener (230 ml)
Technical Specifications of the Vacuum Impregnation Unit - VACUMET
Item Description
Vacuum System 0.65 bar
Air Pressure 4.5 - 6 bar
Dimensions, W x D x H 30cm x 31cm x 35cm
Weight 8kg (18lb)

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