ForeEyes 2020 series Video Borescope
ForeEyes 2020 x2 Video Borescope
ForeEyes 2020 x2 Video Borescope

ForeEyes 2020 series Video Borescope

ForeEyes 2020 Advanced Video Recording Systems

The ForeEyes2020 video borescope combines a pocket digital video recorder, complete with a 3.5” color display, and a whopping 20 GB (expandable to 80 GB) built in hard drive, which connects to the waterproof ccd camera on the SnakeEye and the SnakeEye’s accessories and other borescopes via a video in. The ForeEyes 2020 allows the user to plug in the SnakeEye camera, wand and cable, turn on the lights with variable adjustability and interface with the pocket video recorder. The product weighs less than 2 lbs (.9Kg) and comes with a chess harness with display protecting foldable sunshade (Three or two sided for access to the keypads). The operator can quickly and easily view, play back and record all their inspections, with up to 4 hours of battery life!!!.

Best of all, the operator now has one hand free. The Pouch also collapses against the chest when climbing ladders. Also included is a microphone on the unit as well as a jack for the use of an external microphone in a loud environment. Files can be downloaded as .avi with sound to your computer to archive the files and create snap shots on the p.c. Since the ForeEyes 2020 will have a video interface, it is possible to connect with other borescopes and heads up displays and external monitors.

ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
FE2020 Video Borescope Shown with 18 inch 90 deg. articulating Wand and waterproof ccd camera with lights can be easily held in one hand.
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
Extremely Small Size (shown with Sunshade in Place)
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
Chest harness with removable sunshade, one handed operation
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
ForeEyes 2020 Portable Video Inspection System
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
Complete ForeEyes 2020-C kit complete with unit, wand, cable, chargers, batteries, ccd camera, c-mount camera and manuals.
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
ForeEyes 2020 attached to the DZ series our 24 Watt Metal Halide light source
ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope
FE2020 can easily be interfaced with our low cost SDB line. SDB, 20 EPA(eyepiece adapter), C-Mount, interface cable into ForeEyes2020.


ForeEyes 2020 x2 Video Borescope

In addition to the very popular ForeEyes 2020 Video Borescope, we are pleased to introduce the ForeEyes 2020X2. Appropriately named the X2 because it has 2 times the display size and 2 times the memory of the ForeEyes 2020. The ForeEyes 2020X2 combines a 7 inch high resolution display with a whopping 40GB hard drive with our ForeEyes instrument for the ultimate in portable, high resolution video inspection and recording capabilities. In an effort to constantly monitor customer's feedback and provide timely responses, some customers have requested a larger display; the result is the ForeEyes 2020X2.

Features of the ForeEyes 2020X2

  • Full VGA high resolution 7 inch display
  • 40 GB (expandable to 100GB) of memory to record 80 full length movies with sound
  • Up to 4 hours of continuous use battery life
  • Custom Engineered pouch for easy chest harness/hand operation
  • Waterproof CCD Camera with 16 LED light controls
  • Affordably priced

Additional Features of FE 2020 and FE 2020x2 Video Borescopes

  • Interface directly with the portable video recorder
  • Fully compatible with new or existing SnakeEye video inspection camera and accessories, as well as with other industrial borescopes
  • Variable control of the camera lights for the CCD SnakeEye camera
  • Kit includes: Pocket Video Recorder, Fore Eyes, waterproof ccd camera, wand, cable, transport pouch and more
  • Convenient carrying pouch for hands free operation
  • 4 hour battery continuous life/recording capability for ForeEyes 2020
  • View, Record and Play hundreds of hours of video inspections
  • Create more than 200,000 pictures
  • Easy to use downloaded AVI files
  • Create Snap shot pictures within seconds
  • Archive all inspections with on site narration
  • Playback recorded video inspections for in the field comparisons
  • Complete, Affordable, and Portable video inspection system
  • NTSC/PAL video in/out interfaces with other cameras, heads up displays and external monitors
  • Use as a stand alone pocket video recorder for movies, mp3 files, save computer and digital picture files
ForeEyes 2020 and foreEyes 2020x Video Borescope Specifications
Display Unit
  • 3.5 in (87.5 mm) color TFT-LCD ( ForeEye 2020) / 7 in (175 mm) color TFT-LCD ( ForeEye 2020x2)
  • 320 x 240 color pixels , 262,000 color combinations
  • Anti-glare screen
  • Convenient hand strap
  • Backlight brightness adjustment High/Low
  • Adjustable Contrast, color, hue,
  • NTSC (60 Hz.) or Pal (50 Hz.)
  • Chest Harness included with colapesable sunshade
  • Camera probe light control On/Off , variable adjustment for SnakeEye camera
  • External power port
  • Video I/O port
  • CCD camera
  • 1.2 in (3.0 cm) diameter
  • Removable
  • Sensitivity 10 lux
  • Resolution 512 x 492
  • Field of view 46 degrees
  • 4 White light LEDs
  • Water proof to 100 ft (30m)

Other smaller diameter cameras also available

Power System
  • Up to 4 hours continuous operation for both units
  • Rechargeable Li-Ion for pocket recorder
  • Rechargeable batteries for ForeEyes alkaline “AA”
  • Battery fast charger
  • AC adapter
  • Low Battery display for pocket recorder and ForeEyes 2020/2020x2
Camera Adapters
  • Standard wand is 18 in (45.7 cm) length
  • 90 degree one way articulation
  • Sure-grip handle
  • Quick release cable
C-Mount Camera Adapts SnakeEye to fiberscopes and borescopes for smaller diameter applications
  • 4 ft (1.2 m) flexible cable
  • Carrying case
  • Video I/O cable
  • Telescopic wands expandable to 15 feet
  • Total system weight- less than 2 lbs (.9 kg)
  • Power requirements: AC Nominal input: 100-240 V, DC nominal input: 12V
  • System operating temperature- 32 degrees F to 122 degrees F
  • O degrees C to 50 degrees C
  • Video input/output- NTSC, PAL
ForeEyes Connectoers
  • Video In/ Out- NTSC or PAL
  • CCD Camera Input, quick release
  • Microphone connector
  • Record up to 80 hours* of Video Inspection to document all your critical video needs.
  • Ideal for monitoring fatigue cracks, corrosion or for insurance purposes. Files can be sent back to the ForeEyes 2020 for (in the field comparisions).
  • Record up to 4 hours of inspections time
  • Store the equivalent of up to 40 * full-length movies with narration
  • Enjoy up to 3 ½ hours of video playback on the color LCD while on the go
  • Use as a stand alone pocket video recorder for:
  • Download / transfer / record up to 300* hours of music
  • Store and view up to 200,000* JPEG photos
  • Play MP3, WMA (including protected files) and WAV music files
  • Listen to and record off the radio (with optional FM Radio & Remote Control)
  • Download and store files from a PC

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