QualiEyes I Video Borescope
QualiEyes II Video Borescope

QualiEyes I Video Borescope

QualiEyes I portable LCD video borescope features a 2.5” color TFT LCD display, 300,000 pixel CMOS Image sensor and a GOF transmitted LED light source. The gooseneck insertion tube has a diameter of 0.39” and is supplied 8.2 feet long. Top of the line battery source in combination with the low energy consumption of the LED light source enables 48 hours of continuous use. QualiEyes I Video Borescope features the latest in image transfer technology, images can be stored and moved to a personal computer for further inspection. Images can also be transmitted directly to an external monitor for group analysis of real time images. The light weight and slim design makes QualiEyes I Video Borescope the perfect partner for tough inspection jobs.

Product Features

  • Extremely clear imagery: 300,000-Pixel color CMOS Image Sensor
  • Extremely clear vision system: 2.5” matrix color TFT LCD presents images directly
  • without additional equipment.
  • Lighting system:Light rays are transmitted by GOF, using an LED light source.
  • This means low energy consumption, longevity and high light intensity.
  • Gooseneck insertion tube: 9.8mm in diameter, 2500mm usable length, with an
  • insertion-distance scale, interlocked to holds its configured shape, watertight
  • abrasion-resistant, non-corrosive.
  • Images can be connected to a PC by the Video Capture Card, working with the
  • included software.
  • Images can transmit to a television set and viewed with other people.
  • With high quality Ni-batteries, the apparatus can be recharged more than 2,000
  • times. One battery charge enables 48 hours of use.
Specifications of QualiEyes I Video Borescope
Diameter 9.8mm
Working Length 1.5M or more
Field of view 60°
Focus Fixed
White Balance Manual
Working Temperature -20°C - 50°C
Direction of View 0°-90°
Insertion tube Semi Rigid
Pixel 300K
Light Source LED
Power Supply Rechargeable Ni Battery
Video Format NTSC
Display 2.5inch LCD

Package Includes

  • QualiEyes I Videoscope (1)
  • Battery charger (1)
  • 90°Side View adaptor (1)
  • Operating instructions (1)
  • Video Cable (1)
  • Video Capture Card (1)
  • Software CD  (1)


QualiEyes II Video Borescope

QualiEyes II handy industrial fiberscope features a built in LED light source, a high resolution image bundle and optical system with a depth of observation between 1.2” and 5.9” and a working length of 51.2”. The built in LED light source has a life time of 100.000 hours and offers a truly portable instrument designed to take care of the toughest inspection jobs.

Product Features

  • High resolution image bundle and optical system  can see objects within the distance of 3/4” to 1 inch.Viewing scope is 45°
  • Flexible insertion tube can be bended to any shape.
  • Ergonomic handle with focusing capability allows one-hand operation
  • Built-in light   the bottom located in handle can turn on bright light
  • Illumination   provided by a LED with 100,0000 hr. lifetime
  • Custom design is  available
  • Replacement batteries   available everywhere
  • Objective lens diameter 2.7mm
  • 24 light guide bundle
  • Image bundle pixel 20,000
Specification of QualiEyes II Video Borescope
Optical system Viewing direction
Viewing angle 45°
Depth of observation 30mm˜150mm
Tip diameter 4.9mm
Shaft diameter 4.9mm
Working length 1300mm
Overall length 1350mm
Net weight 370g
Carrying case 330mm×250mm×70mm (aluminum)
Diameter of the Object Lens 2.7mm
Light guide bundle 24
Image bundle Pixel 20,000


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