Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer
Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer

The Viskomat NT is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine grained building materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. with maximum particle size of 2 mm. You can obtain information on:

  • Flow curves and rheological parameters temperature dependent workability properties
  • Stiffening behavior as a function of time
  • Stirring speed effects of concrete admixtures and mineral blending agents on workability

Not only is all this information useful for the materials themselves, but tests have shown that trends established, for example, in mortar are reflected in the behavior of concrete at full scale.

Features of the Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer

  • Robust apparatus for industrial environments
  • Quality control, research and development
  • Informative, easy to use test procedures
  • Automatic running of predefined test procedures which can be either standardized or tailored to your own requirements
  • Inhomogeneous materials measureable with particles up to 2 mm using special paddles to avoid separation
Technical Specifications for the Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer
Mains, V/Hz110..240V / 50..60 Hz
Power consumption, W300
Dimensions Viskomat, mm (wxdxh)300x670x50
Dimension Control panel, mm (wxdxh) 190x450x380
Weight, ca. kg25
Torque range, Nmm-250-+250
Speed, rpm0,0001-400
Frequency, Hz0,001..10
Amplitude, degree0,001..3,8
Specimen volume, ml370
Angle resolution, degree1*10-4
Accuracity over 360°, degree2*10-2


Construction and Operating Principle

The Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer is a true speed controlled viscometer driven by a high precision syn. Chron. motor. Each rotation is resolved within 200.000 steps. It allows ramping from 0.001 rpm to 400 rpm in both directions to record flow curves and yield points. The torque up to ±250 Nmm is measured by a special transducer.

The standard measuring system consists of a stationary probe which is mounted concentrically in a rotating cylindrical sample container. As the sample flows around the paddle the shear resistance generates a torque which is continuously monitored electronically. The paddle is mounted on a measuring head, which runs up and down automatically to allow easy filling, emptying and cleaning of the sample container.

The sample container is mounted on a speed drive shaft. The temperature is measured by a sensor located within the measuring paddles. All the electronic is housed in a separate case. One powerful microprocessor and two special signal processors do their work there. An online display shows torque, time and temperature during the measurement in a graphical way.

The electronic has an ethernet interface to any PC. With the Ethernet interface you can integrate the Viskomat NT in any TCP/IP based (100 Mbit, RJ45) network. The Viskomat NT has a built in WWW Server so any WEB browser may be used as user interface. The Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer can be directly operated by the PC (Linux) included, or remote controlled from any Windows (95 or higher) workplace in your local area network.

Measurement Modes for the Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer
Speed controlledThe torque over a defined speed profile is measured
Torque controlledThe speed over a defined torque profile is measured
Angle controlledThe torque over a defined angle profile is measured
Oscillation mode fThe torque over defined frequency profile at a constant amplitude is measured
Oscillation mode aThe torque over defined amplitude profile at a constant frequency is measured



The Viskomat NT, Mortar, Cement and Fine Concrete Rheometer is delivered with two standard probes for mortar and cement paste. Additional you can get a cylinder-cylinder probe according to EN ISO 3219 (volume 127 ml, gap size 2.1mm) and a cone plate-probe (angle 15°, diameter 100mm).

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