Mortar, Cement and Fresh Concrete Rheometer, Viskomat XL

Mortar, Cement and Fresh Concrete (8mm grain size) Rheometer, Viskomat XL

The Viskomat XL is filling the gap between the Viskomat NT for mortar and paste with a specimen volume of 360 ml and the con¬crete rheometer BT2 with a sam¬ple vol¬ume of 20l. The operation principle of the viskomat XL is similar to that of the viskomat NT. So a mixer formed probe is measuring the torque, and the specimen vessel is rotating. An additional scraper is cleaning the wall of the vessel.

Very dynamic speed range

The speed may be 0.001 to 180 rpm in both directions, clockwise or counter clockwise. You may be define the speed in several steps, in an linear increase or decrease of speed. As option also an oscillating or a logarithmic mode is possible.

High Torque Range

The Viskomat XL has a torque range from 0..300Ncm with a resolution of 0.05Ncm and accuracy better then 0.2Ncm. Optional we can install a sensor with a torque range up to 1000Ncm and an accuracy of 0.8Ncm

Temperature control

Temperature control is realized by a double wall specimen container, where a cooling liquid is circulating. The specimen temperature is measured with a RTD mounted inside the shaft of the probe.

High Time Resolution

The sampling rate my be set from 0.005s .. 10min.

Shear Stress Control Mode

As option you may run the Viskomat XL with a shear stress controlled mode. So you preset the torque over time, and the speed is automatically controlled to achieve the predefined torque.


The Viskomat XL is controlled via a network interface . Simple connect your PC and start your Internet Explorer for full control and data transfer. No special software installation necessary.

Technical Specifications
ApplicationRheometer for mortar paste and fresh concrete up to 8mm.
net. size (hxwxd) 920 x 315 x 410 mm
Specimen Volume3.5l, inner diameter 165mm, height 175 mm, others vessel dim. on request
Motor speed range0.001..180 rpm
Motor torque1200 Ncm  
Angle measurement accuracyBetter than ± 0.05 °
Meas. torque range±0..300 (1000*) Ncm
Meas. torque resolution0.05 (0.2*) Ncm
Meas. torque accuracy0.2 (0.8*) Ncm
Temperature sensorsRTD PT100 1/10 DIN B
Cooling and heatingDouble wall vessel
ControllerExternal cabinet, 110..230V, 50..60Hz, 800W
Controller interfaces4 x USB, 1 x network
User interfaceColor screen with online graphic
InterfacesEthernet /TCP/IP for control and data recording.
WeightIncluding electronic and safety cabinet ca. 100 kg
SafetyCabinet, with security switches included


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